History tells us that Prometheus, one of the Titans of Greek mythology, gave man fire against the wi
Compared with London's Big Bang, the changes in the rules governing banking and financial markets in
If a campaign launched last week by one of the country's leading national newspapers is successful,
A firm resolve by the recently elected Arias government to preserve the long- standing democratic pr
WARS IN MODERN TIMES, and perhaps in all times, have commenced when negotiations for peace have sou
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'A Pleasure to Read'My compliments to Stanford Erickson. His articles
NOW THAT THE COMMERCIAL BANKS seem likely to cough up the $6 billion in new loans Mexico has been as
IT HAD TO HAPPEN. When the Socialist Party of French President Francois Mitterrand failed to hold it
The major objective of Egyptian foreign policy has been to contribute to international peace and pro
One of the major interests at the annual conference of the National Association of Business Economis
When a Quebec businessman plots out potential markets, the gleam in his eye is pointed south.

In his article "A New Maritime Subsidy Concept, (JofC, Aug. 26), Marc Felice suggests completely aba
Gudni Bragason is the only person from Iceland I know well.

We were graduate students in the
THE U.S. GOVERNMENT concluded a treaty with Iceland that allocates the

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