World financial markets have been at their manic-depressive best lately. Prices of practically every
It's a situation only the federal government could get itself into.

On the one hand, the Uni
CONFLICTS IN NATIONAL LAWS are a constant problem for companies operating in international trade. A
US Shipping Study

A Rehash of TheoryThe latest U.S. Merchant Marine Study has produced a rer
Brussels is suffering from another bout of political schizophrenia.

As the capital of the Eu
To help spur economic growth, President Reagan, Congress, the International Monetary Fund and the Wo
THE U.S. CUSTOMS SERVICE may never win a popularity contest among customhouse brokers, but even brok
THE TROUBLED SOUTHEAST ASIAN nation of Malaysia needs all the help it can get in Washington. But at
The 100th Congress, we were told, was to be dedicated to countering unfair practices by our trading
In the 1960s, Time Magazine ran the headline Is God Dead? screaming across its cover.

God st
A NEW DEPRESSION is highly unlikely, but economist Herbert Stein warns it could happen if we don't
THE FIASCO IN the financial markets this month has generated precious little in the way of optimism.
Hormone Safety Issue

Has Been AddressedYour editorial, "Hot Words on Hormones," which appear
Facing a nearly $170 billion trade deficit, the United States is searching for ways to get out from