The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission was established by President Kennedy in August, 1961 as an inde
MORE THAN 4,000 OF THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY'S top executives arrive in Washington this week to consider
ELAINE CHAO, deputy maritime administrator with the Maritime Administration, recently spoke before t
The British are an enigma to me. Perhaps, like most Americans, I was raised too much on Shakespeare
Years ago, in the era of silent films, serial movies flourished. The most successful and best known
FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS are likely to increase pressure on the United States to loosen restrictions agai
THE SUMMIT WAS DISCUSSED ON THE TRAIN. Why was there a stalemate? it was asked. Well that's what hap
DISINFORMATION. It's a very big term in Washington these days, where the White House press corps was
Given the deep Russian despair over the lack of concrete results from the Iceland summit, many here
Not only has the Polish government of Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski recently released 225 additional poli
Will the Green Revolution come to the Soviet Union, eventually wiping out grain sales there by the U
OCEAN, TRUCKING AND RAIL CARRIERS are beginning to look at shippers in a different way. Before dereg
IT CAME AS NO SURPRISE that the U.S. trade deficit was a chief topic of discussion at the recent Vir
One of the richest and most attractive counties in the country is about to publish an "Interim Growt