Americans have often been accused, perhaps justly, of having a short attention span and an even shor
Last summer, before Congress left town, the Financial Times of London ran a front page headline that
When the leaders of East and West Germany shook hands in Bonn last week, the inevitable topic of reu
Mikhail Gorbachev's economic reforms have run into a bit of a problem. Increasing labor productivity
The Aztecs were the great warriors of Mexico. For more than 50 years, until they were conquered by t
THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE is going modern. A postal version of automated teller machines, dispensing s
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On US Auto IndustryThe article by Rep. John J. LaFalce (Sept. 3) indicates a
THE HOUSE AND SENATE trade bills have received considerable negative publicity in recent months, muc
THE MARITIME ADMINISTRATION has more than one offer in hand for the purchase or charter of the super
And now the news. . . What kind of day was it 160 years ago when The Journal of Commerce got its sta
Congress is taking control of U.S. trade policy, moving it in the direction of greater activism. The
Foreign Inspections

Are a Trade BarrierYour Aug. 19 editorial on the pre-shipment inspection
WELFARE REFORM might seem an idea whose time has come. House Democrats have introduced a bill costin
HOW BAD HAS THE OIL-PRICE BUST been for business in the energy-dependent states? By now, most people