For high-octane gall in proclaiming its ethical purity, the scientific community has long been the r
THE SURPRISING SCOPE of the Democratic victory in last week's Senate races has raised many questions
A FEW DAYS AGO - too few - we said we'd go out on a limb and forecast continued Republican control
ANTHONY J. TOZZOLI, president of the New York Shipping Association, is not one to look a challenge
A decade of political uprisings and an incursion by U.S. troops nearly three years ago left the smal
In a previous article, I presented a case for a Federal insolvency fund for the insurance industry,
Poor Harry Schlaudeman, the U.S. ambassador to Brazil. He can't indulge in a round of golf without b
A scientific research and training institute deploying remote-sensing space technology for the rescu
State insurance commissioners recently testified before a subcommittee of the House Banking Committe
Japan scooped the other advanced democracies in October by putting on what many here regard as the m
FIFTEEN MAIL CARRIERS in Viborg, Denmark, have needed medical treatment for dog bites so far this ye
THEY USED TO SAY that man would never go to the moon, because at the speed of the fastest racehorse,
WITH FUR TRADERS paddling their canoes to the sound of bagpipes, George Simpson made his maritime tr
Differing View Given

On 'Discrepancies'In your editorial of Oct. 20, "Marad Ms. Speaks," you