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Much of official Washington is still suffering under the delusion that the trade deficit is a "probl
A critical factor in future battles will be the number of vessels we have and our ability to withsta
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THE ANGRY MOB accused of storming a ticket counter at Miami International Airport Sundaynight probab
Senator Joe Biden's bid for the White House crashed in flames last week, shot down, not byhis oppone
U.S. trade policy has fundamentally changed under the Reagan administration.

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MONETARISM IS DEAD. All but the hardest of the hard-core monetarists have recanted their belief that
THE MOST EMOTIONAL DISCUSSIONS over product liability law reform involve not whether consumers would
In January 1985, the President's Commission on Industrial Competitiveness recommended enactment of l
What hard-pressed U.S. frontier guards found out the hard way, Italians now embroiled in a bitter an
Attack on Regulation

Full of DistortionsThe Sept. 11 issue of The Journal of Commerce carrie
WE MET A BUDDING young stenographer on the subway who has hopes of earning over $100,000 ayear as a
Perhaps it's because Bill Armbruster, our trade editor, and I had to run three blocks to catch the L