A half-dozen years ago, U.S. businessmen were eager to cash in on a seeming Chinese bonanza.

HOW Claims Article

On Court Case WrongAn article in your paper (JofC, Oct. 7) described the
We cannot, and we will not, let this stop us from getting on with the business of governing.

Deficient as the Common Market may still be in many ways, particularly with regard to non-tariff bar
National security - free world security - is as much if not more dependent on economic stability as
The publishing industry daily delivers to U.S. consumers a product almost as ubiquitous as the air w
QUESTION: WHEN IS A BUDGET not a budget? Answer: When it is the document President Reagan sends to
AS THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION casts about for scapegoats to this nation's projected $170 billion trad
QUOTAS AND OTHER PROTECTIONIST devices work, but most often in ways opposite to those intended. That
BY NOW THE LATIN AMERICAN DEBT situation is deeply ingrained in the consciousness of the U.S. busine
The time has come for the United States and South Korea to re-examine their trade relationship. Fail
With over 50 joint ventures with the West, Hungary provides an excellent example for the Soviets to
It is not unusual for Britain's trades unions to differ with the Conservative party - particularly w
French Bank Official to Head IMF

MICHEL CAMDESSUS, the Bank of France governor, is expected