WITH A SWEEPING TAX REFORM now in place in the United States, the pressure has increased sharply for
UNISYS, the new corporate name of the combination of Burroughs Corp. and Sperry Corp., a $10 billion
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's crusade for "popular capitalism with its naked appeal to financia
With the adjournment of the New York Legislature early in July and the signature of Gov. Mario Cuomo
Risk arbitrage is not a profession for the faint of heart, Moira Johnston says. She quotes the fall
WHEN THE SOVIETS launched the Sputnik satellite in the 1950s, they took a great American idea and be
JAMES G. DUNAIF, a New Yorker who writes a Letter to the Editor to us a couple times a month, passed
Driving down a country road at 70 miles an hour my wife suddenly shouts, ''Look:" I slam on the bra
The U.S. Maritime Administration last month published a report, Inventory of American Intermodal Equ
AN AUSTRALIAN SUGAR CANE FARMER who lost his arm after being mauled by his pet crocodile pleaded tha
PRESIDENT REAGAN'S POCKET VETO of the maritime authorization bill may not have been a total surprise
U.S. EXPORTERS have a tough time competing in world markets. Part of the problem is barriers erected
Poll officials at Hoover school in Indio, near Palm Springs, Calif., found a unique way to safeguard
Who lost, who won in the recent embassy flap in with Moscow?

The hostility persists. Western