AND THE WINNER is . . . Nevada! Impressed by the Sagebrush State's broad stretches of desert, its sm
ONE LOOK IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR on a rainy day is enough to convince most Americans that tractor-tr
MIKHAIL GORBACHEV sure made a hit on his visit to Washington last week - pressing the flesh on Conne
Clearing the Air

On Oil Export PlanIn your editorial, "Why Limit Oil Exports?" (Nov. 16), yo
The Soviet Union is involved in a two-pronged offensive. While Moscow woos Washington in hopes of fu
It seems as though federal budget deficits, like some fiscal Methuselah, have been around for a mill
THE RISK that a protectionist trade bill could be a millstone around the neck of the Democratic Part
During the 1970s it was fashionable for economists to construct econometric models of the electoral
As I sat with our Washington transportation reporters around the the dark mahogany table in the spac
EVERY TIME THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE tries to economize, it runs into trouble: No one wants his local
IMPORT PREFERENCES for developing countries are a good idea gone wrong.

The original concept
ATLANTA'S CITY-OWNED golf courses are operated by private businesses these days. Its tennis courts a
CAN THE MARKET really make the nation's expensive auto insurance system cheaper?

Two leading
Proxmire Draws Fire

For Maritime ViewsSen. William Proxmire recently authored a widely circu