The lake was on fire.

Flame rose into the tropical sky, crackling and snapping, radiating wa
On acid rain (JofC, Nov. 17) the debate certainly hasn't changed during the past three sessions of C
THE UNITED STATES AND BRITAIN are taking an important first step toward international regulation of
POLITICS IS THE ART of the possible. Beryl Sprinkel has learned that well. As chairman of the Counc
Britain increasingly is becoming a nation divided, with the south becoming more prosperous while the
Despite the marked fall in the value of the dollar, the U.S. trade balance has not manifested any te
The Red Queen examined the 1986 statistics, showed them to the Duchess, and promptly said, "Revise t
THE AUTO DEALERS reaped a bonanza in December as customers responded in droves to their appeals - pr
THE PRESIDENT'S STAFF has displayed some sleight of hand in its fiscal 1988 budget proposal for the
EACH DAY, AT DOZENS of airports around the country, American Airlines gathers up the tickets handed
THE TRIAL LAWYERS have been fighting against efforts to overhaul the civil justice system, claiming
THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION will try again this year to win Senate approval of a series of bilateral i
Another round of gasps and consternation can be expected when the medical statisticians complete the
From William J. Barnds' office on K Street in Washington, he can just make out the Old Executive Off