The title of a recent Journal of Commerce editorial, "The Ultimate Free Lunch" (Nov. 6), is aptly ch
Customs Rules Story

Missed Vital IssueConcerning your story, "Brokers Charge Customs Rules F
IT'S OVER TWO YEARS until the next census is due. But already the experts are at odds over a fundame
NOVELIST THOMAS WOLFE wrote a pretty good book entitled, You Can't Go Home Again. Volkswagen AG, whi
A not so funny thing happened to corporate traffic managers over the last few years under deregulati
THE WIDESPREAD AMERICAN ANGER about Japan's many barriers to trade can hardly have escaped attention
MEMBERS OF CONGRESS rarely miss a chance to denounce foreign barriers to U.S. exports, and they are
Some American commentators believe that a major cause of the U.S. budget deficit is the millions of
REAGAN ADMINISTRATION ACTION on a proposal to phase out duty-free benefits for Taiwan, South Korea,
I'm beginning to appreciate how the rural natives of Nicaragua must feel.

We have been invad
Time is running out. Congress must pass implementing legislation for the harmonized system soon or f
UAW Denies Stance

On Toyota MoveI am writing to point out a factual error in your Oct. 28, 1
THE WRENCHING, up-and-down economic summit in Washington to work out a budget deal has become a ridi
PROSPECTS FOR AIRLINE INDUSTRY re-regulation continue to loom, notwithstanding recent improvements i