When word first leaked out that Kakuei Tanaka, 68, had refused to see ruling party Secretary Genera
The rise of industrial robots is irresistible and irreversible. They are getting better and cheaper.
Figures about the international trade deficit, especially the deficit with Japan, are in the newspap
''THE MALTESE FALCON," with Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor, is the latest old movie to be subjected
I have been warned that the part of London in which I live is in danger of becoming, in terms of der
LOST AMID THE COMMOTION about the plunging dollar and the U.S.-European Community trade scuffle is t
IN "THE GUNS OF AUGUST," Barbara Tuchman tells how in 1914 a minor political incident in an small Ba
THERE'S GOOD NEWS on the trade front, right? Well, perhaps. The figures for

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In Dick Lawrence's excellent article (JofC, Jan. 12) highlighting the crucial role of the United St
If you call Van Doorn Ooms in Washington, a recorded voice comes on the line and repeats a couple of
The last two years have been the worst ever for the international shipping fraternity , and there ar
AS A TELEVISION EVENT, which is how it must be evaluated, President Reagan's State of the Union add
THE PAPERWORK MOUNTAIN, like a newly formed volcano, is rising another few thousand feet. Within th
Karl Otto Poehl, president of the Deutsche Bundesbank, has laid it on the line. Under relentless pre