ALONGSIDE MOST TRANSPORTATION DISPUTES, the battle on the San Francisco waterfront is a horse of a d
WHEN IS A TAX INCREASE not a tax increase? When, as everyone knows, it is a revenue enhancement. Tim
Spurred by the need to generate revenue on the federal level to fund budget deficits, worker adjustm
Events over the past few months have prompted many Western journalists and businessmen to take a de
The Reagan administration, now that the 1986 congressional elections are history, has decided to mak
After years of hydrocarbon-fueled growth, during which this Central African state of 10 million inha
Germany and Japan have failed to pursue more expansionary economic policies for two reasons.

Much is being said about the levels of public and private debt. Some of the talk is in technical lan
AMERICAN LABOR UNIONS haven't been having an easy time. Membership is declining. In industry after i
NINE YEARS AGO, U.S. energy service companies sold $35 million in oil and gas equipment to the Sovie
Progress on political and economic reforms in China is likely to be frozen until the Communist Party
WHAT A WONDERFUL STORY. According to an article in American Heritage magazine, Winston Churchill dro
WILL THE HIGHWAY BILL falter again this year, as it did last year, over the issue of the 55 mph spee
After six years of advocating free trade, the great policy surprise of 1987 may be an embracing of t