Years ago, I read a book that outlined a highly successful method of forecasting the stock market.
Preference cargo is today vitally important to the U.S. Merchant Marine. In 1985, Military Sealift C
The major reshuffle of the Greek government is seen in Athens as confirmation that Prime Minister An
A LEADING MARITIME FIGURE the other day addressed the issue of the change occuring in the shipping
ECONOMISTS' FORECASTS have gotten systematically worse over the years, right? Not at all, says Vict
The annals of self-injurious fanaticism have now been enriched by an expert account of the Pentagon'
Britain's shipowners and port operators can be excused for feeling slightly paranoid after being eng
Can a nation call itself a superpower if it does not have a merchant marine? The United States seems
DON'T DO AS I DO, do as I say. The United States often has lectured its European trading partners an
THE MILLION-MEMBER ARMY of newspaper carriers is changing, the American Newspaper Publishers Associa
Half the walls in Thomas B. Crowley's spacious office on the 48th floor of 101 California St. are co
What is this recent reform jazz all about? Can the Soviet Union catch up with the United States?
BATTLES LINES are being drawn once again over taxing imported oil to raise income and help lift a de
There is little doubt that the U.S. trade deficit is now the country's preeminent economic concern.<