As part of its ongoing but thus far relatively ineffectual efforts to defend its sovereignty in the
Treasury Secretary James A. Baker III and Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker have for some time b
It's no contest when the colossal comes up against the merely sensible on the political playing fiel
AT THE HEART OF THE GLOBAL trend toward protectionism is the issue of jobs. For a politician, a prot
OH, THOSE SLY FELLOWS, your congressman and mine. It was bad enough when they failed to knock down t
The global grain situation is beginning to rebound, as evidenced by increased import demand by China
ONE CAN ONLY APPLAUD the cooperative effort by the Maryland Port Administration and the Internationa
THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY CAN WORK in a deregulated environment or a totally regulated one, but not in so
Why doesn't the United States export more? The answer is complicated but can be summarized along the
In a sense, the cargo preference laws have never been stronger. The decisions of the U.S. District
When the Iran arms-contra aid scandal first began making headlines in November, many experienced Was
WE MUST DEMAND MORE OF OURSELVES and our children, President Reagan told the nation in his State of
DON'T SAY U.S. FARMERS aren't ingenious. Faced with the Reagan administration's determination to hol
Arms Control Needed

For Free Farm TradeThe special report "Crisis in Farm Trade," (JofC, Jan