Superficially, it would be easy to see the British government's approval of a merger of the state-ow
America's ability to provide economic leadership - whether as an advocate for economic liberty or as
It was once said that "free trade, one of the greatest blessings which a government can confer on a
THEY SAY PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE, but in trade negotiations with the Japanese, U.S. trade officials hav
WE WERE PASSING the Merrill Lynch building the other night when a familiar figure stepped out in fr
I'd like the commend The Journal of Commerce on the policy it has begun with regard to unemployed pe
I have never quite taken The New Yorker magazine seriously. Part of its attraction, I suspect, when
We've have seen a lot of hokum and smoke out of Washington through the years, but the recent congres
A LONG-SOUGHT INTERNATIONAL ACCORD on foreign export credit subsidies may finally be at hand.

THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION'S innovative interpretation of the Antiballistic Missiles Treaty, it is wi
LIKE KING CANUTE, the finance ministers of the five leading industrialized countries will meet in P
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Since the beginning of September some 300 or so people in Britain have found themselves readers of t
If there is one trade legislative proposal on which almost everyone seems agreed, it is to give U.S.