CORPORATE EXECUTIVES think airline deregulation is working well, but they are liking air travel less
Insurance Leaders'

Attitude UnhealthyTwo articles, one quoting William O. Bailey, vice chair
In Vaughn Beals, the blunt-speaking 59-year-old Harley-Davidson chairman, America has a new corporat
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's pitch to voters in the fast-approaching general election will be
Journalist/economist Jude Wanniski has come out with his new "MediaGuide."

Mr. Wanniski publ
HOUSE AND SENATE budget committees will vote out their fiscal 1988 spending

plans midweek, on
TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA is a very big word, and according to J. Patrick Bradley and Robert J. Christian, i
THE CLOSER U.S. NAVAL SHIPS get to the Iran-Iraq war zone to protect neutral shipping, the more dang
Giving Away Amtrak

Would Be Poor PolicyI was astounded by our editorial "Give Away Amtrak,"
CHINA HAS JUST MADE KNOWN that its Great Wall credit card plans to merge with MasterCard Internation
IN OUR EDITORIAL the other day on railroad re-regulation (JofC, March 23) we said that having failed
THERE'S A HOLE IN THE SKY as big as America. High above Antarctica, over the vast ice cap and snow-
Gorbachev Article

Missed the PointDid my eyes deceive me or did I really read in "The Journa
The time has come to entertain the idea of restructuring the electric utility industry, because the