So much blistering rhetoric has been uttered about whether sanctions against South Africa work, prop
My editor called the other day and said, Erich, how would you like me to give you a raise and cut yo
THE ECONOMIC NEWS has been good of late. The widely-feared winter recession has not materialized, th
OVERTHROWING A GOVERNMENT is relatively easy. Replacing it is a different matter altogether.

We're all familiar with the marketing flub by Coca-Cola. For more than six generations, Coca-Cola ha
On Oct. 16, 1987, after a loss of more than 9 percent in the preceding eight trading days, the Stand
THE CABINET-LEVEL Economic Policy Council will meet Wednesday to review an interagency recommendatio
FRUSTRATED TRUCKERS HAULED the chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission into court last week t
THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM needs villains. When U.S. political leaders find themselves unable to
An editorial in The Journal of Commerce Monday, March 7, erroneously stated that presidential candid
Time to Give Canada

And the CN a BreakIn regards to your editorial Get Guilford Running (Feb
On March 19, Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Alan Holmer will meet with Soviet officials in Washing
A $9.4 million damage award against Soldier of Fortune magazine has First Amendment defenders upset.
THE UNITED STATES and Japan have broken off talks over Japanese barriers to U.S. construction firms.