Warning: Exporting can be hazardous to your mental health.

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Fleet Analysis

Missed the MarkThe Journal of Commerce has a long and deservedly fine reputat
THE ADMINISTRATOR OF THE Federal Aviation Administration, Donald D. Engen, announced last week he w
IT'S HARD TO VIEW what is happening to the dollar as other than part of a coordinated Reagan adminis
ONE PLACE THE REAGAN administration wants no penny pinching is in the budget for the Internal Revenu
THERE IS NO coordinated coal export policy in the Reagan administration and no high-level focal poi
Clarifying the Record

On Potato TradeI read with some disbelief your editorial (JofC, March
French-speaking Africa no longer is an unknown continent for U.S. business.

Although this gr
In his spring budget presentation last Tuesday Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson painted a ro
Comedian Bill Cosby in his latest book on Fatherhood" says a telltale sign that children are becomin
EVEN AS WE WERE WARNING against its plans for data base snooping, the Reagan administration backed d
CONGRESS WILL TAKE another look this year at how much freedom railroads should have to raise or low
An interesting and fairly rare market event occurred as Inco and Owens- Illinois were replaced in th
THE IDEA OF GIVING the president authority to veto individual line items in spending bills has been