The headline was right, but the editorial "Market Sets Truck Rates" (JofC, Feb. 19) really missed th
WHAT'S IN A NAME? For General Motor's new Saturn division, the answer is aggravation. Saturn, which
WANT TO MAKE SOMEONE in the insurance industry cry? Remind him that the McCarran-Ferguson Act is a
The true nature of the struggle going on at the top of the Chinese Communist Party remains as puzzli
The air and marine transport industries have declared war on drug trafficking.

Global guidel
Americans and especially members of the scientific community have exaggerated the purely economic be
Import Data Issue

Not a New OneI read with interest your recent editorial regarding trade st
THERE'S A NEW MYSTERY in Washington. Budget revenues, for reasons the Treasury is unableto explain,
THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY has taken a bashing lately from its trading partners on everything from the
FARMERS DO IT, hard-pressed individuals do it, even giant corporations like Manville do it. Do what?
ON TORT LAW REFORM, boldness and courage did not abound at the American Bar Association's mid-winte
President Committed

To Canadian TalksThe Journal of Commerce is right on target in its analy
The man has been general secretary only two years now but already has made many new ripples on the s
For more than two years, the Federal Reserve - with the active encouragement of the Reagan Administr