WITH ONLY A SHORT TERM in office, Transportation Secretary James Burnley has to hurry to make his ma
THE INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION today is expected to vote on a series of trucking industry propos
ICC's Gradison

Explains VoteHaving read your editorial of March 11 (Challenging the ICC), I'
Suriname, the Western Hemisphere's newest democracy, also has some of its barest food shelves. Loave
Today, we live in a world that, in many ways, is strikingly different from the past. Rapid changes c
THE WEST GERMAN GOVERNMENT, which has stubbornly resisted all entreaties to stimulate its economy, h
THE UNITED STATES' TRADE DEFICIT may be falling, but word is slow to reach Washington. The political
No Specific Quotas

Exist on Tie ImportsI have been reading recent articles in The Journal of
Ronald Reagan may be the spryest lame-duck president we have had in some time. Whatever the decline
Potential military sea-lift capacity in emergencies is part of the need for a substantial U.S.-flag
The winner of the 1988 presidential race faces the biggest challenge ever in dealing with the United
FEDERAL ENERGY OFFICIALS SENT a charge through the electric power industry last week by unveiling a
It looks like a promising breakthrough in a very mysterious situation is near, but no one is complet
Fashions in monetary policy often change as much as in women's apparel. The latest is that designed