The Council of the Americas has released another report on how the men in the business trenches of d
The world's astronomers have a new fixation, an event that happened a long time ago out in space but
Is the competitiveness fever perverting academic values by putting money- making industrial goals ah
EVER WONDER WHY THINGS seem so mixed up? By more than six to one, Americans say their own personal
THE FAIRCHILD-FUJITSU affair raises questions about the direction of U.S. trade policy. Foremost is:
Let there be no misunderstanding of the true meaning of free enterprise. It does not mean being sin
Propagating the Myth

Of Tort ExplosionI was saddened to read that The Journal of Commerce is
Evidence of the heavy toll the yen's sharp appreciation since the autumn of 1985 is taking on Japan'
WHO WILL POLICE THE POLICEMEN? One of Vice Admiral John M. Poindexter's final acts as national secur
CAN A FOOLPROOF DRUG and alcohol test be devised? That, it seems to us, is the only question involve
If Massachusetts nuclear power groupies didn't get their daily fill of the Seabrook nuclear power pl
A FAMILIAR QUESTION - Why doesn't the United States have a maritime policy? - was heard during the H
IF A BOONDOGGLE is "any project on which government funds are wasted" (Safire's Political Dictionary
Your editorial, "Give Amtrak Away," (JofC, March 4) correctly identifies our association as one of t