French-speaking Africa no longer is an unknown continent for U.S. business.

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In his spring budget presentation last Tuesday Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson painted a ro
Comedian Bill Cosby in his latest book on Fatherhood" says a telltale sign that children are becomin
EVEN AS WE WERE WARNING against its plans for data base snooping, the Reagan administration backed d
CONGRESS WILL TAKE another look this year at how much freedom railroads should have to raise or low
An interesting and fairly rare market event occurred as Inco and Owens- Illinois were replaced in th
THE IDEA OF GIVING the president authority to veto individual line items in spending bills has been
What's in a name? Specifically, what's in a byline?

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Nobody seems ready to divulge the full facts about a new east-west situation full of paradox and per
IT'S 19 MONTHS until next year's presidential election, if anyone in Washington needed reminding, an
THE INTERNATIONAL LONGSHOREMEN'S Association without Teddy Gleason in charge? For most of the shipp
The Council of the Americas has released another report on how the men in the business trenches of d
The world's astronomers have a new fixation, an event that happened a long time ago out in space but
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