The crisis in Britain's schools is starting to be felt in industry where serious skill shortages are
What is competitiveness? Is it "industrial policy" cloaked in sophisticated verbiage? Is it "protect
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As negotiators from both countries enter the critical last stretch, the chances of a free trade deal
THERE MAY BE a bright side to last week's unfortunate Al Campanis episode.

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FOR THE LAST HALF CENTURY, a gaping hole has existed in the nation's truck safety laws - a hole big
THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT'S STANCE that present exchange rates are satisfactory surprises a number of
Larry Speakes, President Reagan's former chief spokesman, is heading up communications for Merrill
OXYMORONS ABOUND in Washington, and the regulators of our merchant marine frequently employ one of t
SIMPLE FAIRNESS DICTATES the Interstate Commerce Commission reconsider its decision of last July th
A delicate balance exists between export controls and trade promotion.

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Finance ministers from the developing countries voiced great concern here this week about a slowdown
A great U.S. newspaper, looking for reasons behind the "spy scandal" involving marines and a dazzlin
Some of my best friends are, or have been, press agents.

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