I find few things better when having a week off than to read books by my intellectual betters while
All generalizations are wrong, including this one.

If a person is going to generalize in pri
THERE'S BEEN VERY LITTLE PUBLICITY about Senate-House conferees' work on one of the more controversi
James Joyce was 25 years old and grubbing for pennies as a Berlitz language teacher in Trieste when
The United States is now Uruguay's second largest trading partner, but growing world protectionism a
EDI Involves

New TerminologyYour EDI Exchange column of Jan. 7 stating the 10 things I thoug
THE FEDERAL MARITIME COMMISSION is faced with a knotty dilemma in its efforts to bring about equitab
FEDERAL EXPRESS CORP. won't begin flying packages to Japan until May. But even before opening its se
IT'S ALL OVER but the formal vote: With President Reagan's endorsement finally in hand, the director
THE GOOD NEWS is that the European Community managed to get through last weekend's crucial meeting o
At the dawn of the 1988 presidential campaign, the crash of stock markets worldwide is a grim remind
This city's chief industry is the creation of policies and programs for the rest of the nation. Occa
Millions of older Americans will soon be forced to pay more for their Medicare benefits when Congres
TESTING FOR DRUGS is one of the more abused personnel practices today. By holding that the governmen