IT'S NO SURPRISE that Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone's sales tax plan was rejected by the
AN ENGLISH COUPLE are the parents of two children, both products of eggs fertilized with sperm in a
In the last 15 years much has changed in India and much remains the same. The overall picture is bri
There is a certain irony in Ivan Boesky and Guinness, the international beer and liquor company invo
SINCE 1980, THE U.S. GOVERNMENT'S reporting of the nation's trade statistics has been a very peculia
I was talking with my Journal of Commerce colleague Larry Kaufman about the state of the railroad in
THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT is making a big mistake.

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Shirley Williams, the British politician, listening recently to a group of bankers was reminded of a
A SCHOOL OF THOUGHT here holds that little progress will be made soon to knock down the legal and ad
It's good to know that the broadcast writers and their bosses are getting together again.

THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, fresh from its Form W-4 disaster, is determined to regard the taxpayer
THE DECISION BY INTERIOR Secretary Donald Hodel to recommend opening the 1.5 million acre Coastal Pl
Through January of this year, creditor governments, multilateral financial institutions and, to a le
Not in more than a decade has a member of Congress reaped such publicity from a trade proposal as ha