ONE OF JIMMY HOFFA'S PROUDEST achievements as president of the International Brotherhood of Teamster
THE AILING LABOR MOVEMENT needs a victory. That, more than anything else, explains organized labor's
THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to bid for military cargoes is one of the prerogatives of ships flying the U.S.
THE U.S. SENATE has finally said No! to drugs. By a margin of 63 to 27, senators voted Thursday to s
Are We Subsidizing

The Wrong Ships?Your newspaper has been replete with reports about the de
The Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United States contains no provisions on transportati
As my guide from the Irish Development Agency drove me through the pleasant green suburbs of Cork, m
RAIL AND TRUCK lobbyists never tire of attacking one another, but this week the American Trucking As
Speaker of the House of Representatives James Wright surprised me. I asked him what was wrong with t
From 1854 to the end of World War II, only two peacetime expansions of the U.S. economy lasted three
THIS COUNTRY'S APPROACH to tobacco usage has become as smoky as the industry's products. Cigarette p
HERE'S AN IDEA: Let's tax well-run businesses to subsidize their mismanaged competitors.

During the past seven years, the Reagan administration has played a persistent drum-beat on the them
More than 4,500 people died in heavy truck-related accidents last year, and the number is growing. A