Logistics Technology: Exploring the Heightened Need for Freight Visibility (Part 1)

Having true, multimodal, global visibility has long been the aspirational state for shippers juggling various modes and regions within their supply chains. The pandemic and the subsequent onslaught of consumer demand has created waves of congestion, exacerbated by a string of natural disasters and COVID-19 flareups that have taxed those supply chains. That makes this a perfect time to examine whether suppliers of visibility solutions are able to provide shippers with the tools and data they need to cope with historic disruption. This webcast will examine ways to examine the market and provide shippers and other users with visibility data with a framework to make educated investment decisions.
Moderator: Eric Johnson, Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit
Jeffrey Cronkshaw, CEO, LanciaConsult
Gregg Mau, Senior Manager, Global Logistics, Crocs
Erin O'Leary, Vice President, Technology & Innovation, Janel Group
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