Webcast - FAQ

Webcast - FAQ

1. What if I can't make the live date/time?
With your registration to the live webcast, you are also given access to the archive file. 48 hours after the live date/time, the entire presentation will be available on-demand. You can view at your convenience and also download the slides for your use and reference. Your registration to the live webcast ensures you will receive an email notification with login instructions once the archive file is made available.

2. Are all webcasts free for JOC members?
All webcasts are free to JOC members except for our JOC Premier Webcasts that are specialized compliance/regulatory content therefore payment is required for all attendees.  JOC members pay a discounted rate while non-members pay full rate.

Webcasts that are aligned as follows and these are identified as such in all marketing materials, as well as on www.joc.com/webcasts.
Open Invitation – Free for all registrants
JOC Member Advantage – Free for all currently paid JOC members. Enroll today!
Regulatory E-Learning Series – Paid for all registrants
3. Will I receive a copy of today's presentation?
See answer to #1.

4. How do I find out about future webcasts?
Visit www.joc.com/webcasts regularly for all upcoming events, as well as archived events that allow for instant access with your registration.

5. Who do I contact about potential sponsorship opportunities?

Tony Stein
Senior Account Manager
Associate Publisher, JOC
West, Gulf and Midwest Sales

P: 678.456.8530
E: tstein@joc.com

Catherine Avolio
Senior Account Manager
Northeast and Europe Sales

P: 732.331.2155
E: cavolio@joc.com

Cindy Cronin
Senior Account Manager
Florida Sales

P: 800-991-9994 ext. 131
E: ccronin@joc.com

6. Who do I contact for general questions?
Mina Patel, Project Manager, Webcasts at webcasts@joc.com

7. Is there a dial-in phone number to access the audio portion of the webcast?
All audio will be through your computer speakers. There is no dial-in option.