VoIPcare Announces Start of qMetrixTM for Transportation Trial

VoIPcare Announces Start of qMetrixTM for Transportation Trial

NORCROSS, Ga., May 25, 2010 – TAPPI is pleased to announce that one of its program partners, VoIPcare Technology, has started a six-month trial period with members of the pulp and paper industry. The purpose is to evaluate the benefits and ROI associated with the use of VoIPcare's qMetrix™ for Transportation software product. The VoIPcare system provides detailed information necessary to help the industry reduce the amount of in-transit damage being experienced today.

The trial program began out of efforts of the TAPPI's Shipping, Receiving and Warehousing (SRW) Committee following a yearlong study. That project used a cross functional team of people representing the linked parts of the supply chain, and they identified a set of criteria that needed to be met to effect long-term reduction of in-transit damage claims. Because of their design philosophy and background in data collection and information delivery, VoIPcare was chosen by the SRW team to design and implement the system.

There are 26 locations participating in the trial process including paper mills, commercial printers, tier 1 railroads and high volume publishers. "We are very excited about the great response from all participants in the supply chain" said Robin Mangold, Principal at VoIPcare. "The industry as whole has come together to address a common problem and has selected the qMetrix™ product to help them gather complete information about paper shipments that will lead to better root cause analysis and problem resolution."

The VoIPcare system combines a unique blend of technologies to facilitate the rapid collection and distribution of information. Leveraging lessons learned from other market segments that it serves, VoIPcare used the same proven technology platform to address unique needs of the Transportation industry. The qMetrix™ product gathers data about the condition of equipment, methods used to protect loads, arrival condition of product, and details about any damage that occurred in-transit.

Information that previously took days and even weeks to gather is now available immediately at each step in the supply chain. As a result, participants throughout the supply chain transaction have access to the inspection data and photographs taken in support of those inspections. Damage prevention coordinators from all involved entities can access the same information while reviewing causes and extent of damage reports.

The initial trial period will involve tracking paper shipments on railcars. As the trial progresses, the VoIPcare team will be planning to expand the system to include shipments via truck and intermodal containers. In addition to expansion of transport types, the team will also be expanding the use of the system to include other types of products.

For more information please contact:
Robin Mangold
rmangold@voipcaretechnology.comor visit the company's website at www.voipcaretechnology.com.

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About VoIPcare
VoIPcare Technology is a system design and development company focused on quality improvement applications located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The VoIPcare qMetrix™ platform supports applications for Healthcare and Transportation. The company is in the early research and development stages for additional qMetrix™ applications for Hospitality and Construction.


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