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Senior editor William B. Cassidy covers trucking for The Journal of Commerce. He is based in Washington, D.C.

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A truck travels on a US road.
In the US trucking sector, smaller carriers are gravitating toward shorter-haul freight, Zipline Logistics has found. That could put more pressure on longer-haul capacity.

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J.B. Hunt.
By load volume, J.B. Hunt now hauls more dedicated freight than intermodal containers, as e-commerce is adding to dedicated trucking revenue.
A truck being loaded in the US.
Guarantees may be hard to come by, but assurances of volume may help secure capacity and avoid the worst rate hikes.
A truck travels on a US road.
Can deep, wide, sophisticated supply chain visibility help shippers ‘create’ capacity and control rising costs?
An XPO logistics truck.
Higher demand and pricing has shifted the Top 50 US trucking operators to the fast lane, and more growth is ahead.
A truck travels in Miami.
As sure as cherry blossoms are a sign of spring, a widespread bump up in US truck and intermodal pricing indicates stronger economic activity in the second quarter. Those increases also underscore...
XPO Logistics truck arrives at a port.
XPO Connect will help shippers find and monitor fluctuating capacity across the logistics firm’s transportation modes.
Truck on a US road.
Full enforcement of the electronic logging device mandate began April 1, but inspectors issued a slew of violations in early 2018, federal data show.
A US truck travels across the desert.
DAT and Truckstop.com report that dry van rates have spiked as the new "spring peak" season picks up pace. Furthermore, truckers expect pricing and volumes to stay on an upward track through autumn.
Information sign to truck drivers.
In the electronic logging device era, shippers will have to do more than offer drivers a cup of java and a key to the bathroom if they want access to truck capacity at reasonable rates.
Ryder System, Inc.
With the acquisition, Ryder seeks to deliver capacity in last-mile logistics demanded by shippers, as customer fulfillment expectations rise in the e-commerce era.