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Senior editor William B. Cassidy covers trucking for The Journal of Commerce. He is based in Washington, D.C.

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An Amazon fulfillment center in Washington state, United States.
Notch another business model advance for Amazon. Shippers say CEOs, CFOs are aligning goals with supply chain strategies to deliver rich "experiences" customers demand, finally giving logistics a "seat" at the head table.

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Trucks travel on a US highway.
Making distribution center space available on weekends may mean additional costs, but it also creates much needed capacity and flexibility for truck driver hours. "If you’re worried about your budget...
A truck travels in the United States.
Logistics managers must truly collaborate with carriers and logistics operators, and also dig into their own operations to eliminate waste and save money. One review of the US trucking cost trend...
A truck travels on a highway in California, United States.
In a US truck sector characterized by scarcity, tech visibility works both ways, and truck companies are using technology to track delays and driver detention at shipper facilities. That’s all the...
An Amazon center.
The pace of technological change is set to increase exponentially. “This is the slowest rate of change you’ll experience the rest of your life,” Peter Sheahan, CEO of the Karrikins Group, said. 
A truck travels on a US highway.
However, forecasters warn shippers that they are merely making an educated guess regarding rates, given the factors that could change; so, a sound strategy would include paying close attention to...
A FedEx truck in New York, United States.
New facilities and advanced technology paved the way for six-day operations, FedEx executive vice president Rajesh Subramaniam said Wednesday.
Trucks traveling in Florida.
It did not take Hurricane Florence making landfall on the continental United States to have it affect freight rates.
A truck travels on a US highway.
One could argue that the US truck sector has reached its peak, but others believe that with a robust manufacturing sector and other sources of growth, another year of strong truck sector gains is...
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States.
Whether shippers moving goods through the US Southeast and Mid-Atlantic see delays and elevated truck rates for days or for weeks largely hinges on exactly where Hurricane Florence makes landfall and...
Central Oregon Truck
With many new technologies depending on gathering mobile data, getting drivers to buy into innovation is the key to success. And Central Oregon Truck Company offers an effective system that other...