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Senior editor William B. Cassidy covers trucking for The Journal of Commerce. He is based in Washington, D.C.

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Trucks on a US highway.
The US transportation capacity vise that is squeezing supply chains is moving end-to-end visibility and automation from shipper wish lists to priority lists.

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A truck travels on a US highway.
Despite a big surge in net truck orders, shippers should not expect near-term relief from the US truck capacity crunch. Registration numbers have also increased, but have not erased shortages.
A truck travels on a US road.
By adding terminals and building density in areas such as Texas and the Northeast, less-than-truckload trucking company Saia is positioning its assets closer to capacity-hungry customers.
A truck on a Colorado road.
US truckload and intermodal pricing have both been rising inexorably, although truckload pricing may have peaked momentarily.
Two trucks in Nevada.
US truck driver pay is headed up — something that is pushing shipper rates higher and compelling truck transportation companies to rethink how they pay drivers and attract scarce talent.
A truck on a US highway.
Crunching shipper data, Zipline Logistics has found that the electronic logging device mandate is having a measurable impact on US trucker transit times and capacity.
Trucks on a US highway.
Changing the hours-of-service rules could give US truckers more flexibility or mask shipper inefficiencies.
Trucks travel on a US highway during a snows storm.
US shippers will like the additional capacity less-than-truckload (LTL) trucking companies plan to provide this year — but they will not like the LTL price increases that are sure to come. Still, the...
A truck on a highway in Utah.
US trucking capacity is tightening faster than anticipated in the electronic logging era, and some shippers say that is making it tougher and costlier to move freight as they navigate between higher...
Echo Global Logistics.
As the electronic logging era begins, Echo Global Logistics warns shippers transit times are getting longer and costs are rising in shorter trucking lanes.
XPO Logstics.
Technology investments in the warehouse, at LTL docks, and in the last-mile delivery business are in the works at XPO Logistics, which expects consumer and business demand to propel technology in...