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Senior editor William B. Cassidy covers trucking for The Journal of Commerce. He is based in Washington, D.C.

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Inventory destocking is likely under way, but the process will probably be slow.

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Shipment volumes climbed in May, but not enough to pull transport providers out of a deep year-over-year hole.
U.S. regulators are taking further steps toward a rulemaking on the detention of truck drivers by shippers and their customers.
The North American Free Trade Agreement’s cross-border freight growth of 3.2 percent in 2015 — representing 14.7 million truck and rail containers crossing both borders — exceeds the global ocean...
The legislation would implement a new preclearance agreement.
Shippers, especially retailers, want better end-to-end visibility to better manage inventory, but they need to connect gaps in their supply chains.
An online marketplace for dynamic less-than-truckload spot rates is expanding rapidly as technology helps shippers, carriers meet goals.
Canadian freight operator Manitoulin Global Forwarding added temperature-controlled trucking to its portfolio.
The Home Depot is moving its stores closer to consumers, digitally, if not literally.
The NFI Industries case is unusual, but not the first such whistleblower action in trucking.
The spring freight bounce fell flat for the Phoenix-based trucking company.