Mark Szakonyi

Mark Szakonyi

Executive Editor, Mark Szakonyi, based in Washington, D.C., covers railroads, U.S. transportation and trade policy, sourcing and ocean shipping.

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John Butler, CEO and president of the World Shipping Council, said a number of studies suggest mandatory slow-steaming — one of many proposals the International Maritime Organization is considering — would force carriers to deploy more ships in order to keep service commitments.

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Maersk has “seen an understanding from the vast majority of customers” that they’ll need to pay higher fuel surcharges due to the IMO low-sulfur mandate, which will cost the container shipping...
The US East Coast service, branded TP17 by Maersk and America by MSC, adds to the port of Nansha’s four weekly services to the US West Coast.
Three announcements show how the fast-growing port of Savannah — with volume up 25 percent in the last three fiscal years — is making moves toward its goal of having 11 million TEU in annual capacity...
The Federal Maritime Commission agreed to the recommendations stemming from a year-and-half effort led by Commissioner Rebecca Dye to address complaints from cargo owners and drayage drivers over...
Canadian National provides Evergreen has provided intermodal rail service to customers of Evergreen, the seventh-largest container line, for the last 27 years, with services connecting to the ports...
Amid signs of newfound and relative stability, the container shipping industry faces two imminent challenges.
Dorian, the largest storm to threaten the US East Coast, unleashed 200 mph wind gusts in the Bahamas as Florida and Georgia ports suspended operations.
The strong quarter for Maersk will strengthen its resolve in making what amounts to an existential bet that the integrator path is the best response to the commodification of ocean shipping.
A new agreement between the US and Canada will allow the two countries to fully clear cargo before railroads and trucks reach landside ports of entry, reducing congestion and freeing up customs...
The initial growth in volume booked via Maersk Line’s new online tool gives carriers further impetus to provide similar products that offer guaranteed contract reliability.