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Executive Editor, Mark Szakonyi, based in Washington, D.C., covers railroads, U.S. transportation and trade policy, sourcing and ocean shipping.

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The year ahead holds major challenges for ocean carriers, and the challenges can be even more acute for midsize carriers such as Yang Ming, requiring even more prescience and agility.

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Yang Ming,
While container shipping fundamentals are improving, 2019 holds major challenges for ocean carriers.
A container ship accepting fuel.
The failed late-October attempt by some members of the International Maritime Organization to delay some provisions of the rule taking effect Jan. 1, 2020, underscores shippers’ drive to figure out...
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Transport workers and employers are protesting an amendment to the Road Transport Act that holds them largely responsible for any fatal road accidents.
With no dramatic changes in sourcing or the state of trade tensions, shippers will be forced to pass on higher costs to customers – something that will affect trade volume.
Port of Oakland.
"I’m not optimistic we are going to see a grand bargain with all the tariffs coming off,” Lance Noble, senior analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics, said at the TPM Asia Conference on Oct. 10.
On the surface, China’s Asia-Europe rail subsidies seem like a slam-dunk win for shippers, a free lunch. But as the axiom states, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” And that axiom applies to...
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China’s government has invested billions in the China-Europe rail network, and volume, propelled by subsidies, has surged. However, those subsidies have created other downsides for shippers and the...
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The unveiling of new bunker fuel adjustment factors from three of the largest global container lines over the last week has focused the industry’s attention to billions of dollars of extra cost...
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The new bunker fuel adjustment factors will provide more insight concerning whether ocean carriers can recoup what they argue are increased operational costs for bunker fuel and for meeting the Jan....
Necessity is leading to creative and effective solutions in US surface transportation.