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Mark Szakonyi

Executive Editor, Mark Szakonyi, based in Washington, D.C., covers railroads, U.S. transportation and trade policy, sourcing and ocean shipping.

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The company overseen by Beijing’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission likened its plans for the east African country to the development of its home base of Shekou and Shenzhen in southern China, where it has carried out extensive port, industrial, and real estate development.

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A rule requiring electronic locking of containers and re-imposition of weight limits for trucks is riling Chittagong shippers.
“As charter rates go down and fuel goes up, Panama Canal offers a shortcut,” Administrator Jorge Quijano tells 
Panama Canal.
The new Panama Canal’s larger locks appear to have hit the shipping industry at the right time, given at least one, and possibly two, global trends in international trade.
The demand-driven global expansion continues, which is good news on many levels. But the expansion also is driving up energy prices, to the detriment of truck transport, and that has implications for...
Brazil truckers blockade road.
Energy prices have risen, lowering the margins of a key supply chain performer, and that has implications for the container shipping industry.
Up ahead, the low-sulfur emissions rule will kick in, and so will charges for it. The form and size the charges take will vary, depending on several factors.
A Cosco ship being refueled.
This is known: in less than 18 months, the container shipping industry will be hit with a massive annual operating bill in the billions of dollars. What is less known is how the costs will be passed...
With a solid economic expansion underway and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement in place, the export/import outlook is bright for Canada. The key task now is to fully fund vital...
The Port of Prince Rupert.
Ocean carriers, shippers, and other business decision makers have big plans for Canada, where strong container trade growth is expected in the immediate years ahead. The key task now is to fully fund...
Port of Quebec.
Shippers should keep an eye on the Port of Quebec’s container terminal, but the deciding factor will be whether the economies of scale offered by larger vessel calls at the facility are erased by...