Hugh R. Morley

Hugh R. Morley, Senior Editor, covers the Ports of New York and New Jersey, as well as various East Coast ports, including the terminals, unions, port authorities and shipping associations. He has written on business for 15 years, covering a range of topics, from government oversight of business to corporate legal battles and the fierce inter-state competition for jobs and investment, and has been a journalist for 25 years. He has an MBA in global business.

Port of Wilmington, North Carolina.
Flooding continued to disrupt traffic through the region, with severe problems east of Route 95. The area west of Route 95, however, had returned to relative normality Friday.

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Trucks at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
The Teamsters union, which pushed for the rule change, believes a large proportion of the port’s trucker owner-operators could be found to be employees under the new rule. Truckers say the impact...
New York Harbor approaching New Jersey.
The law and the complaint suit are the latest salvos in the ongoing dispute between the commission on one side, and on the other the New York Shipping Association and the International Longshoremen’s...
Port of Los Angeles.
As the US chassis sector evolves, no one method of operation fits all ports/regions, but one appears to offer truckers an advantage.
Port of Montreal.
Montreal is the latest North American port to extend terminal gate hours and place a charge on containers to pay for it, and given the volume trend at the port, it’s not a moment too soon.
Port of Halifax.
The port of Halifax’s volume has grown amid the global economic recovery, and now it has a flexible expansion plan to position it for even greater volume and bigger ships.
Port of Manzanillo, Mexico.
Just call it “two functions for the price of one tech,” as Mexico’s trade stakeholders implement technology.
Port of New York and New Jersey.
The deal removes the need for a new contract — the biggest source of labor disruptions, on both East and Gulf coasts — until at least 2024. It parallels a labor deal for US West Coast ports lasting...
Port of New York and New Jersey.
Molly Campbell, who joined the authority as head of the ports in July 2015, will leave on Oct. 26, departing as the nation’s third-largest port is seeing growing cargo volumes and more mega-ships.
Port of Manzanillo.
It's a 'bad news/good news' situation in Mexico. The bad: new government regulations will likely reduce trucking capacity and slow cargo. The good: despite a variety factors swirling around it,...
Port of Philadelphia.
The union said the Ports of Delaware River Marine Trade Association's latest offer was unacceptable because it did not address three main staffing issues.