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Barges travel near the Port of Rotterdam.
The strengthening economy, the increased volume from mega-ships, growing transhipment, and a fragmented, complex feeder network are combining to delay resolution of Rotterdam’s ongoing barge congestion problem, with the latest barge wait times ranging from 48 to 72 hours.

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SSA Marine Terminal, Port of Oakland.
Terminal operators, in a desire to control global end-to-end container logistics, are mirroring a strategy being employed by container lines.
Port of Long Beach.
Confirming to Alphaliner that it is discussing US terminal assets with Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States officials, Cosco, a China government-backed carrier, said it is confident...
Cosco Rotterdam.
Cosco Shipping Holdings, China's largest shipping company, has continued to aggressively expand into landside logistics, building on Beijing’s Belt and Road strategy to grow its terminal and inland...
Maersk Line will make alternative vessels available to European exporters after a fire crippled the Maersk Honam in the Arabian Sea.
Flexport now dominates a widening group of technology-driven service providers changing the container transport business.
San Francisco-based digital forwarder Flexport has entered a very competitive sector – one that’s highly fragmented and with low margins.
One tech start-up believes it has found a way to automate and decode complex ocean freight contracts.
A key, new container shipping partnership will commence operations in 2018's first quarter, and it will affect the intra-Asia supply-demand equation.
As experienced trade professionals know, how 2018 will play out is not something shippers have any influence over and the business of shipping containers in the Asia-Europe trade could take three...
The song will likely remain the same regarding the air cargo sector in 2018: increasing demand, which suggests that building a 'time safety cushion' into your supply chain is prudent.
Growth in container shipping this year has been in volume, profitability and capacity, and the industry is heading for record loaded shipments this year.