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Shippers can expect sharp increases in annual contract prices as Asia-Europe spot rates spike ahead of a range of carrier increases and peak season surcharges.

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The ratio of cargo rollovers at transshipment ports continues to rise with carriers unable to maintain reliable schedules and battling to return equipment to Asia to serve the booming export trades.
Rates and demand on the major east–west trades out of Asia have remained at high levels deep into the traditional slow season, driving up profitability and leaving shippers with the check.
CMA CGM is the latest carrier to post a highly profitable quarterly result in what the CEO has called “a favorable environment” that is expected to continue into the fourth quarter.
The forwarding share of Maersk’s business has remained constant over the past five years, and CEO Soren Skou is confident that the carrier’s logistics-focused strategy will not upset that...
The share of revenue from Maersk’s logistics sector continues to grow as the carrier expands its landside business.
Shippers forced out of air and ocean trades by limited space and high rates are turning to overland transport from China to Europe, but the high demand is stoking capacity and equipment issues.
Maersk is steaming towards an annual result that would be impressive even in a year that was not severely disrupted by a global pandemic.
Shippers moving cargo on the Asia-Europe spot market will pay a high price, but once lower contract rates are factored into the market, the overall rate development is less impressive, says Hapag-...
Carriers believe inventory replenishment in early 2021 could offset a drop in consumer spending and maintain volume on the Asia-Europe trades.
Carrier earnings for the third quarter are coming in, and as expected have extended the profitable momentum that built through the first half of the year.