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The carbon emissions data being collected may not be at a deep, granular level, but it remains the best ever available in the industry, and experts say shippers need to take better advantage of green transport offerings.

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The threat of a no-deal Brexit is spurring shippers to nail down ocean options that will avoid the dominant road-ferry routes carrying much of the UK-Europe trade.
Olaf Merk of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said a ruling by the European Commission’s college of commissioners was expected by the end of September.
A government report on the worst case Brexit scenario outlines the damage that could be in store should the UK leave the European Union without a deal.
Canceling sailings are a regular strategy employed by carriers to match capacity with weak demand, but the way carriers manage this practice is frustrating customers.
Shippers on the Asia-Europe trades are starting to see how container shipping’s switch to low-sulfur fuel will impact their freight rates.
CEVA joins Maersk and Toll in an e-commerce portal that gives customers 24/7 access to their shipments.
For the second consecutive year, Maersk and MSC have withdrawn the AE2/Swan Asia-Europe service in a bid to match capacity with slack demand.
Far more widespread demand for low-sulfur fuel will be required before prices stabilize enough for shippers to factor in the impact on Asia-Europe contracted rate levels.
China’s largest carrier has expanded its Asia network with subsidiary OOCL to capture volume displaced by the US-China trade war.
Falling rates on the Asia-North Europe trade is expected to lead to another round of blank sailings as carriers try to match capacity with the weakening demand.