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Greg Knowler

An experienced writer and editor with 25 years in journalism, Greg Knowler serves as senior editor for Asia for the JOC.

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A strategic takeover by Xeneta will give shippers active in the volatile air freight market access to dynamic load factors, capacity, and rate information.

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Port congestion across the world’s key trade lanes is tying up capacity and destroying the schedule reliability of vessels, with global on-time performance hitting a record low last month.
The freight volumes that have stressed the Asia-Europe rail trade for the past 10 months after shifting from the congested and costly air and ocean markets have begun to ease ahead of Chinese New...
Carriers have yet to report their full-year 2021 financial results, but congested supply chains and highly elevated rate levels will keep the profitability spigot wide open through 2022.
Hong Kong-based container carrier OOCL saw significant increases in freight rates and per container revenues thanks to supply chain disruption across key origin and destination markets.
Container shipping’s global group has objected to proposed amendments in Europe’s emissions trading system that it believes undermine the polluter-pays principle.
Europe’s second-busiest port was able to withstand a year of widespread disruption to match its previous record throughput.
There will be an enormous gap in the price between zero-emission fuel and conventional marine fuel over the next 20 years – something that needs to be addressed, according to a report from the...
The air cargo digitalization momentum that built up through the last two years of the pandemic has accelerated, with a third of global air freight capacity now available through Freightos’ online...
Soaring rate levels swept aside a decline in Maersk’s Q4 volumes and set the carrier on course to report an even more profitable 2021 than expected.
Initially considered a temporary measure, some forwarders believe the shift from relying on fixed-price block space agreements with airlines to full charter operations has become permanent.