Dustin Braden

Dustin began his time with JOC as an intern in 2014 before returning full time as Assistant Web Editor in 2015, managing and editing international correspondents and copy. After growing comfortable with that work he began to dabble in data and is now the JOC’s Data Analyst, compiling market intelligence and analysis drawing on a wide array of IHS Markit data to inform and enrich JOC reporting. He has previously worked in the media on a freelance basis and his work has appeared in special editions of Newsweek and TV Guide magazines. His interests include trade, the media, politics and international relations.

Port of Los Angeles.
The focus now turns to how dramatic the post-peak season decline will be, and if it will take place earlier than normal after shippers front-loaded their supply chains to avoid US tariffs.

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A ONE ship.
The Top 5’s losses were driven exclusively by shippers shunning the Ocean Network Express, and there was another shipper trend that provides an insight regarding how shippers responded to alliances.
Shanghai, China.
Growth accelerated at eight of the Top 10 global ports in 2017, and the number of ports that recorded volume declines halved compared with 2016. Without question, a strong trade environment defined...
Port of New York and New Jersey container ship.
Although trade tensions between the United States and the European Union and their impact have been muted so far in 2018, trade stakeholders know that could change dramatically and quickly.
The Port of Los Angeles.
Although the impact would be significant elsewhere, one port complex in the United States has the most to lose — and in a big way — by a protracted, major trade war between the world's two largest...
A waste dump in Thailand.
Thailand on July 2 will become the second country in less than a month to ban the importation of certain waste goods, as Malaysia considers similar measures, according to a published report.
Shippers, carriers, and other participants in the supply chain are closely watching the US/China tariff volleys, but they say the effect on the market so far has been minimal, although that could...
Port of Oakland.
With manufacturing sectors in both nations in a strong uptrend, and China’s middle class expanding while US consumer spending is recovering after a long hiatus, only a full-bore trade war could...
Tan Cang-Cai Mep International Terminal in Vietnam.
China's ban on waste imports is generating more volume than some ports can handle as shippers seek new markets.
Top 100 US importers and exporters.
A detailed look at JOC's Top 100 Importers and Exporters of 2017 by imports, exports, and industrial sector.
Apples being prepared for shipment.
The European Union and India announced their retaliation for US tariffs on steel and aluminum as the Trump Administration sent contradictory signals regarding its stance on tariffs and China.