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Growth in US containerized exports continues, but slows, despite uncertainties over the direction of US trade policy, a strong dollar, and growing competition.

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Although the harbor drayage community has known about the clean-truck mandate since 2008, only 46 percent of the trucks that pick up and deliver containers in Seattle and Tacoma are compliant.
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The industry is mulling two ways to make the extended-gates program at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex more effective. 
The commercial and operational environment in the largest US trade lane is unsettled right now due to new service contracts taking effect on May 1.
With 13,000-TEU+ vessels becoming more common in US trades, BCOs on both coasts brace for yard and gate congestion at marine terminals.
Welch sees LTL carriers like YRC partnering with 3PLs in order to increase participation in e-commerce fulfillment
Disruption from the new carrier alliances just now being felt at West Coast ports and could begin as early as next week on the East Coast.