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Carriers large and small battle for market share and profits in the Pacific.

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After six consecutive years of losses, the shipping industry headed for return to profits this year and next.
West Coast rates have already fallen behind the spot rates in mid-July last year.
Pacific Northwest ports believe the true competitive edge will come from faster cargo velocity at the terminals.
Clean-air update would result in estimated $7 billion to $14 billion in extra costs in Los Angeles-Long Beach while expanding even further the ports' leading emissions reductions among US ports.
Equipment providers in Southern California anticipate a relatively uneventful peak season this year in the largest US port complex.
The peak season spike in US imports from Asia should be just around the corner.
LA-LB container terminals are handling alliance changes and the recent APMT cyber attack with only minor glitches, so truckers are confident they will handle peak-season volumes without significant...
US importers in the coming weeks will begin to encounter a tightening of vessel space and occasional equipment shortages.
Spot rates in the eastbound Pacific this week could not sustain the double-digit increase of last week.
The superintendent organizing efforts come at a sensitive time for the ILWU and the Pacific Maritime Association.