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Carriers will blank at least 37 individual sailings this month and next and suspend an entire weekly service as they attempt to stop further erosion in freight rates in the eastbound Pacific.

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While the “phase one” trade agreement reduces tensions between the US and China, the two sides are nowhere near reaching a more comprehensive deal at this time, a US-China business expert says.
Five years of trucker-terminal collaboration in Los Angeles-Long Beach pays off with the best truck turn time performance since January 2014.
Growing US containerized exports to other countries in Asia are nowhere near enough to offset the rapidly declining exports to China as the US-China trade war drags on, exporters say.
Retailers predict a November spike in imports driven by inventory replenishment and the race to get ahead of Dec. 15 tariffs on $300 billion of imports from China.
Small and mid-size NVOs are chipping away at the market shares of the top five NVOs in Asia-US trade by moving aggressively on smaller accounts and responding quickly to declining spot rates.
Advances in the development of zero-emission cargo handling equipment has a port official “cautiously optimistic” Los Angeles and Long Beach will meet the clean-air goal of commercially-available...
After seeing four weeks of declining spot rates in September-- when rates should be increasing -- and with factory closures coming next week during Golden Week celebrations in China, NVOs who sell in...
BCOs are urged to prepare their C-Suites for an up to 9 percent increase in ocean freight costs after IMO 2020 takes effect Jan. 1.
Admitting that LA-LB ports charge a premium for their services, port directors are concentrating on improved cargo velocity through information sharing and infrastructure enhancements to stop the...
Los Angeles’ 2018 inventory of air emissions, like the Long Beach report that preceded it by a week, shows the largest US container port has already met or exceeded to emission-reduction goals that...