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Bill Mongelluzzo

Bill Mongelluzzo is senior editor with The Journal of Commerce, based in Long Beach, Calif.

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Port of Oakland at dawn.
SSA Marine’s 24-year lease extension in Oakland will open the door to increased investments in marine terminal and related infrastructure improvements that beneficial cargo owners should see reflected in more efficient operations at Oakland’s largest container terminal.

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Port of Prince Rupert.
The port’s board of directors Tuesday selected Shaun Stevenson to replace Joe Rektor, who has served as interim president and CEO since October.
Port of Prince Rupert.
Beneficial cargo owners in eastern Canada and the US Midwest should welcome the expansion as a step toward preventing a return of the congestion that Prince Rupert experienced last winter.
Ocean carriers have announced a wide range of surcharges in recent months, and while the market is dubious, the carriers show no sign of retreat.
An NYK Line ship.
Having filled staff shortages at its US call centers and improved data integrity, the new Japanese liner company Ocean Network Express is providing beneficial cargo owners with the level of service...
Port of Tacoma, Washington.
Amazon’s global inbound supply chain and logistics director Josh Dolan is challenging agricultural product exporters to join the e-commerce giant in arranging container, and maybe even chassis...
An SM Line ship.
SM Line said growing volume in the second half of the year should return rates to a level that covers operation costs.
An MSC ship.
The increase in the price of bunker fuel, driven by crude oil’s 2017 to 2018 surge, is real. But beyond that ocean carriers face a tough sell with shippers regarding the inclusion of other surcharges...
The Port of Los Angeles.
The Port of Los Angeles’ fiscal 2018-2019 budget emphasizes the expansion of marine terminals and supporting infrastructure, as well as technology advancements to improve cargo-handling efficiency.
Port of Los Angeles.
Global Port Tracker predicts record imports this autumn, with load-center ports once again under the gun to efficiently handle containers for their beneficial cargo owner customers.
The Port of Oakland.
Federal Maritime Commission final rule issued Wednesday will simplify the contracting process between non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) and their beneficial cargo owner (BCO) customers,...