Alan M. Field
Canada’s economy is expected to pick up steam in 2017, with real GDP growth forecast at 2 percent for the year.

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Canada is in the early stages of reworking its system of cargo clearance to allow containerized goods that don’t present a security, safety, or health threat to move through ports.
The existence of a border wall wouldn’t impede trade facilitation, except that it would cost a great deal of money that might not be available for hiring new Customs officers.
The US agency charged with clearing goods at the border lacks sufficient staff to handle the growing flow, and the price of related delays are costing the United States as much as $5.8 billion a year...
Although more than 90 percent of Samsung SDS’s logistics business originates with Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDS also handles the logistics for approximately 400 other beneficial cargo owners.
In a year when overcapacity forced ocean shipping rates down, total revenue was a mere 1.2 percent higher than in 2015.
Distributed ledger technology is rapidly gaining interest in multiple industries as a secure and cost-effective way to facilitate transactions.
“Studies estimate that the TFA will cut the average cost of exporting by some 14 percent."
Major revisions in the North American Free Trade Agreement or other trade agreements could create a bigger market for electronic audit and payment services.
Growing volatility in freight rates and future changes in supply chains that result from major revisions in trade agreements create a bigger market for electronic audit and payment services.
3PLs are confident that demand for their expertise and services will be strong, regardless of the policy directions the new US administration pursues.