U.S. Speakers Join Canadian Colleagues to Address Global Logistics Challenges at the 2010 IFWLA Convention

U.S. Speakers Join Canadian Colleagues to Address Global Logistics Challenges at the 2010 IFWLA Convention

March 26, 2010 (DES PLAINES, IL) – Third-party logistics professionals from around the world will gather in Vancouver, BC, Canada, will have the opportunity to hear the U.S. perspective on the latest trends in global trade and supply chain management at the 2010 Annual Convention of the International Federation of Warehouse Logistics Association, May 2-5 at the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This year's convention will be hosted by the International Warehouse Logistics Association which, including its Canadian Council, represents the warehousing industry in Canada and the U.S.

(For detailed information on the Canadian speakers and their presentations scheduled to take place at the 2010 IFWLA Annual Convention, see this earlier news release by clicking here: http://www.iwla.com/CustomFiles/downloads/957B0A0D-4DA8-4CC6-A2CE-6FEE230E4C59.pdf)

Among the speakers from the United States will be Gary Mayfield, Chief Executive Officer of Kenco Logistic Services, who will present an operational look at American third-party logistics, examining how automation of load planning and route optimization reduce costs (labor, fuel, maintenance, fleet), increase flexibility and customer satisfaction, and improve strategic planning.

He will review how travel-time reduction equates with higher productivity, shorter cycle times, lower labor costs, and lower equipment costs. Mayfield also will examine how a disciplined and standard approach to labor management reduces costs and improves processes in employee safety, quality and productivity.

Kate Vitasek, Founder of Supply Chain Visions and an author, educator and business consultant, will discuss five rules to transform outsourcing. According to Vitasek, many outsourcing deals are structured with fundamental business model flaws that prevent transformational results through outsourcing.

She outlines the game-changing rules for outsourcing in her book Vested Outsourcing. Vitasek will share her research and insights, focusing on why this rules-based approach works; the 10 “perverse incentives” inherent in conventional outsourcing arrangements; and the five rules that transform how you outsource.

John G. Murphy, Vice President of International Affairs for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, will discuss the Obama Administration's plan to double U.S. exports within the next five years, Washington's trade politics toward China's currency practices, and the implications for the American workforce if the Administration continues to stand pat on trade.

Murphy also will examine the pending U.S. foreign trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama as well as trade negotiations in the World Trade Organization's Doha Development Agenda and the Obama Administration's stated objective of engaging in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Global logistics trends and their impact on shippers' choice of using West Coast or East Coast North American ports will be the subject of a presentation by Curtis Spencer, President of IMS Worldwide Inc.

Among the topics he will address are changes in intermodal containerized shipping and what that means to West Coast Canadian ports. Spencer also will look at how the Panama Canal presents challenges to Canadian West Coast ports; global and environmental regulations in California that impact Canadian West Coast ports; and how American and Canadian security measures affect warehouse operations.

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