Tucker Consulting announces new government compliance service for shippers and logistics providers

Tucker Consulting announces new government compliance service for shippers and logistics providers

Cherry Hill, N.J. (November 12, 2010) – Tucker Consulting, Inc., Cherry Hill, N.J., has launched QualifiedCarriers.com, a powerful, innovative online service that provides shippers and logistics providers with effective tools to help manage risk, and improve safety and security when using motor carriers.

“This new service provides simple, streamlined and effective tools to help subscribers reduce risk due to service failures, cargo loss and damage, and legal liability,” stated Jeff Tucker, CEO of Tucker Consulting. “The mission of QualifiedCarriers.com is to help shippers minimize risk, while maximizing carrier and customer goodwill, productivity and profitability.”

Shippers can benefit from the many aspects of QualifiedCarriers.com services, including the following:

USDOT Data Reporting: Track real-time USDOT safety data on carriers, monitor trends, customize reports, and view carriers who are improving, declining, or maintaining performance on government measures for compliance and safety.

Document Management: Maintain in a highly secure environment, and easily view, download, and print, critical carrier documents such as insurance certificates, hazmat permits, carrier contracts, and others.

Document and Message Distribution: Quickly and effortlessly distribute to carriers timely documents and messages such as security and loss prevention bulletins, freight handling procedures, product-line Standards of Care, emergency notifications, and others.

Standards of Care: Sometimes also known as contract requirements, terms and conditions, carrier assessment checklists, and others. Our decades of experience drafting and enforcing Standards of Care for safety and compliance are a valuable resource for shippers when revising standards or drafting them for the first time.

Audits and Verifications: Our network of experienced professional audit inspectors help shippers gain the confidence that comes only from on-site verification of carriers’ performance and compliance with procedures, expectations, industry best practices, and applicable laws and regulations.

“We have been screening carriers since 1961,” Jeff Tucker stated. “We keep ourselves and our clients ahead of the curve with respect to safety and compliance, and the ever-shifting legal, regulatory and insurance climate.”