Truckload Freight

Truckload Freight

The 25 largest truckload carriers in the U.S. increased their combined revenue of nearly $28 billion in 2017. annually publishes updated data about the largest 25 truckload freight carriers. Corporate acquisitions have helped power growth among the largest truckload carriers. Some of the largest truckload carriers include Swift Transportation, Schneider National, JB Hunt, Landstar System, Prime, Werner Enterprises, CRST International, US Xpress, Crete Carrier and Knight Transportation.


Because “hedonic,” supply-and-demand-based pricing leads to bigger swings in trucking rates, accounting for both costs and market sentiment data could smooth the market’s inherent peaks and valleys.

News & Analysis

24 May 2022
An unexpectedly large drop in spot market capacity last week during the annual “Roadcheck” program pushed dry-van and refrigerated spot rates up for the first time since January, according to DAT.
23 May 2022
US Labor Department data that includes contract rates shows no drop in overall truck pricing in April, despite a truckload spot market rate plunge.
18 May 2022
Increases in industrial production and retail sales in April suggest continuing strength in overall freight demand, despite tumbling truckload spot rates.
13 May 2022
The debate over whether a freight recession is starting in US trucking is getting hotter as spot rates decline but other demand and pricing indicators stay positive.
12 May 2022
Amazon Freight has created its first direct integration with a transportation management system provider, piping its capacity of 40,000 owned trailers and third-party drivers to MercuryGate’s base of shipper users.
11 May 2022
Truckload spot rates out of California have fallen for five straight months, but some believe demand will rebound as the COVID outbreak in China subsides and front-loaded cargo ordered to beat potential labor disruption on the West Coast hits the ports.
27 Apr 2022
More than 40 percent of drivers at small truckload carriers surveyed by technology provider SmartHop have entered the industry over the past two years, but many are considering moving to larger carriers for stability.
21 Apr 2022
US shippers’ need for truck capacity guarantees in a volatile market is pushing more freight away from the spot market to contract carriers, especially the largest fleets such as Knight-Swift.
21 Apr 2022
Venture capital investors have plunged $410 million into Convoy, as one of the more notable digitally native freight brokers seeks to expand its reach to small truckload carriers and large shippers.
20 Apr 2022
Procurement automation is already changing the nature of how shippers buy capacity from carriers and intermediaries, an evolution that will accelerate in the years ahead as humans adapt to the technology.
20 Apr 2022
Carrier executives say US transportation markets are stabilizing, with spot rates falling as freight shifts to contract carriers, but new approaches to contracting and planning are needed to control costs.
19 Apr 2022
J.B. Hunt Transport Services said there is more intermodal demand than available capacity, and it downplayed the likelihood of an imminent freight recession.
15 Apr 2022
Trucking revenue broke records in 2021, riding on a wave of mergers and acquisitions as well as swelling rates and unrelenting demand, and analysts forecast that 2022 will continue the positive trend.
14 Apr 2022
Truckload spot rates have cooled considerably in the last 45 days, but a larger freight recession may not be on the horizon given demand remains strong in other modes of commercial transportation.
12 Apr 2022
Better use of existing trucks and trailers is creating truckload capacity and reducing transportation costs, but it’s not clear how long that fresh capacity will be available, DAT principal analyst Dean Croke says.
08 Apr 2022
The shift of containerized freight from the West Coast to the Gulf Coast and Southeast is absorbing truck capacity in those regions and pushing up spot rates, including rates from Houston to California.
06 Apr 2022
Fresh off a seed funding round in February, truckload pricing intelligence provider has built connectivity with procurement technology partners FreightFriend and 3Gtms.
04 Apr 2022
Freight marketplace Emerge has designs on reshaping the truckload procurement space in North America, with an ambitious target of $20 billion in freight spend through its platform this year.
25 Mar 2022
Base US truckload spot rates are falling, but higher fuel costs and market volatility are limiting over-the-road savings for shippers.
23 Mar 2022
After two incredibly tight years, the availability of truckload equipment and drivers is on the rise in the US, but constraints on capacity growth remain in place.
16 Mar 2022
J.B. Hunt Transport Services will grow its box fleet by 40 percent to 150,000 containers within three to five years as it seeks to win market share from Union Pacific Railroad and its intermodal partners.
14 Mar 2022
The sudden increase in fuel-related shipping costs caused by the war in Ukraine is already changing how shippers plan to move goods within the US, forcing them to consolidate shipments and even change modes.
11 Mar 2022
While truckload rates off the West Coast have fallen in the last two months, analysts believe rising fuel prices will spur a rapid increase in shipper costs in the coming weeks.
09 Mar 2022
The truckload and less-than-truckload markets are closer than ever, as retail demand and inventory replenishment put pressure on capacity, Knight-Swift CEO David Jackson says.
08 Mar 2022
Combined revenues among the 25 largest US LTL trucking companies jumped more than 20 percent in 2021, and the market conditions that allowed for that record-setting revenue growth remain firmly in place in early 2022.
07 Mar 2022
Fifteen of the top 25 US truckload carriers grew their revenue by double-digit percentages in 2021, with their expansion fueled by acquisitions and new services.
02 Mar 2022
As container lines pull back on inland point intermodal (IPI), US importers are rethinking their landside delivery plans and containerized freight is moving further inland before being deconsolidated.
23 Feb 2022
A provider of technology to help brokers understand appropriate spot pricing has nabbed funding from an array of notable investors, including Tiger Global and Cambridge Capital.
22 Feb 2022
As it prepares to go public, Transfix is looking to derive more revenue from non-transactional shipper services, including its drop trailer program, and to draw smaller shippers to its platform.
18 Feb 2022
Trucks are no longer blocking the US-Canada border, but spot truckload rates in cross-border lanes remain high, and shippers have been warned of the threat of additional disruption.
17 Feb 2022
The acquisition of John Christner Trucking will give temperature-controlled carrier Hirschbach more drivers, trucks, trailers, and revenue, but also more routes into food shipper supply chains.
15 Feb 2022
Truckload rates have cooled on the West Coast but have risen in some spots on the East Coast in early 2022, though it’s not clear yet whether the moves are tied to transloading shifts.
14 Feb 2022
Schneider wants intermodal customers to know that service will remain strong on BNSF Railway this year ahead of its transition to rival Union Pacific Railroad in 2023.
10 Feb 2022
Visibility software company FourKites is tracking a drop in cargo volumes and on-time performance in northbound shipments as protesting Canadian truck drivers bring more disruption to the US-Canadian border.
10 Feb 2022
Paris-based visibility provider Shippeo is eyeing North America as it seeks to expand the competitive landscape of the fierce global predictive cargo visibility market.