Truckload Freight

Truckload Freight

The 25 largest truckload carriers in the U.S. increased their combined revenue of nearly $28 billion in 2017. annually publishes updated data about the largest 25 truckload freight carriers. Corporate acquisitions have helped power growth among the largest truckload carriers. Some of the largest truckload carriers include Swift Transportation, Schneider National, JB Hunt, Landstar System, Prime, Werner Enterprises, CRST International, US Xpress, Crete Carrier and Knight Transportation.


Because “hedonic,” supply-and-demand-based pricing leads to bigger swings in trucking rates, accounting for both costs and market sentiment data could smooth the market’s inherent peaks and valleys.

News & Analysis

05 Dec 2022
J.B. Hunt, Uber Freight, and Convoy are partnering to develop and drive broad industry adoption of a standard process for truckload appointment scheduling.
02 Dec 2022
Hiring expectations fell short across many transportation sectors in November, with real trucking employment dropping while warehousing firms and couriers added workers.
02 Dec 2022
Stubbornly strong industrial output and pent-up demand are expected to keep pressure on trailer manufacturers to increase supply, even during a US economic slowdown.
01 Dec 2022
Several US truckload shippers say they are leery of using the spot market because they wish to maintain strong relationships with their trucking partners rather than be seen as transactional when the market flips in favor of carriers.
15 Nov 2022 has seen its roster of truckload broker customers grow to 70 this year, with previous investor Tiger Global putting another $5 million in the Florida-based software vendor.
14 Nov 2022
Freight volumes are dropping month to month but remain higher than a year ago, buoyed by inventory repositioning and easing supply constraints for manufacturers, according to the latest Cass Freight Index.
09 Nov 2022
The aggressive moves by intermodal providers to keep business with lower pricing come after North American domestic intermodal demand fell 10 percent between March and September.
08 Nov 2022
US transportation companies with cash on hand are acquiring asset-based truckers and non-asset freight brokers alike to add services and shipper customers and build network density.
07 Nov 2022
After rising strongly from the third quarter of 2021 through the second quarter of this year, the JOC Truckload Capacity Index dropped slightly last quarter, but demand for equipment is still high.
07 Nov 2022
The acquisition of ReedTMS Logistics not only expands Werner’s brokerage reach, it also delivers shipper customers in the staple food and beverage industries.
04 Nov 2022
US truckload capacity isn’t so much declining as it is shifting, according to data, and that will pose challenges to shippers and carriers trying to access trucks, trailers, and drivers.
04 Nov 2022
For-hire trucking companies added almost 20,000 jobs last month, erasing September’s payroll cut as capacity shifts between trucking sectors.
03 Nov 2022
Two of the United States’ biggest logistics providers say they are focused on controlling costs amid growing concern about the direction of the US economy.
01 Nov 2022
The truckload market is still searching for a single platform that aggregates shipper loads and carrier capacity, a role that investors are backing Chicago-based Newtrul to eventually fill.
01 Nov 2022
Regional stress is running through US truckload markets as demand softens, with price and capacity fluctuations that challenge shippers and carriers.
31 Oct 2022
The JOC Intermodal Savings Index shows intermodal contracts saved shippers a lot of money in the third quarter, but spot rail rates saved very little, especially on short hauls in the eastern US.
28 Oct 2022
Hub Group and Schneider National sidestepped questions about intermodal contracts for 2023, a far different approach than the two companies took a year ago when the pricing power was on their side.
28 Oct 2022
Growing use of equipment pools and power-only trucking support long-term demand for 53-foot trailers that transcends short-term economic trends, manufacturer Wabash says.
27 Oct 2022
Schneider says the peak season will be muted because shippers moved inventory into warehouses earlier this year, but the weaker volumes do not necessarily mean steep rate cuts for shippers in 2023 contracts.
25 Oct 2022
Freight congestion, now at inland distribution sites such as warehouses and intermodal rail terminals, and on-time delivery continue to be problems for shippers despite falling trucking costs.
20 Oct 2022
US shippers will win transportation savings in 2023 bids, but large truckload carriers haven’t lost all pricing muscle.
19 Oct 2022
J.B. Hunt believes BNSF Railway’s service has improved in recent weeks, which could lead to faster turns of containers and lower costs for shippers; but when that happens is still an open question.
18 Oct 2022
An increase in US manufacturing output is putting more freight in trucks this fall, contributing to an increase in truck tonnage as measured by the American Trucking Association and others.
13 Oct 2022
A weakening freight market and growing investor unease with holding companies designed to take early stage companies public have led Transfix to put a public listing on ice.
12 Oct 2022
LTL costs to shippers rose 0.3 percent in September and were up 15 percent year over year while truckload costs declined more slowly, according to the latest US producer price index.
11 Oct 2022
US shippers should expect more international acquisitions of domestic US trucking operations as logistics companies work to provide more end-to-end services and visibility.
10 Oct 2022
Spot US truckload rates continued to cool through September, but there are early signs that prices are bouncing back in October.
10 Oct 2022
Shippers need to rethink the entire truckload procurement process, not just use technology that marginally decreases costs by relying too much on predictive pricing, according to a trio of procurement technology experts.
07 Oct 2022
Real, unadjusted jobs in trucking dropped by 21,200 in September, an unusually high number, as contract and spot truckload rates declined.
06 Oct 2022
The long recovery from Hurricane Ian will drive up the ratio of Florida inbound and outbound loads, pushing up southbound truckload spot rates while relief supplies flood the state, writes JOC analyst Jason Miller.
05 Oct 2022
More shippers are returning to the truckload spot market as rates drop, but experts say they’re using that market more strategically than ever before to reduce transportation costs.
22 Sep 2022
Domestic intermodal providers have not put peak season surcharges in place in Southern California this year, a far cry from the $5,000 per container surcharges in Los Angeles each of the last two years.
22 Sep 2022
A US court ruling that declared Rhode Island’s truck-only tolls unconstitutional will save tens of millions of dollars in operating and shipping costs yearly for truckers and their customers.
21 Sep 2022
US for-hire truck tonnage jumped 2.8 percent in August from July, according to the American Trucking Associations, as consumers and the US economy remained resilient despite inflation.
12 Sep 2022
The average manufacturing shipping volume rose 1 percent in August year over year, while other industries saw their truck shipments drop 4.6 percent, according to FourKites.