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Trucking news and detailed analysis of trucking companies across the United States from trucking industry leaders like Swift Transportation and Old Dominion Freight Line to smaller regional truckers plying various cross-border and domestic routes. ranks the largest trucking companies each year and also provides rankings of the largest truckload and less-than-truckload carriers. 

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A truck travels on a highway in California, United States.
20 Sep 2018
In a US truck sector characterized by scarcity, tech visibility works both ways, and truck companies are using technology to track delays and driver detention at shipper facilities. That’s all the more reason for customers to become a “shipper of choice.”
Trucks traveling in Florida.
11 Sep 2018
It did not take Hurricane Florence making landfall on the continental United States to have it affect freight rates.
A truck travels on a US highway.
11 Sep 2018
One could argue that the US truck sector has reached its peak, but others believe that with a robust manufacturing sector and other sources of growth, another year of strong truck sector gains is ahead.
Port of Virginia.
11 Sep 2018
The Virginia Port Authority's goal is to create a predictable, reliable, steady flow of trucks during the hours of reservations and a better experience for all customers; and so far, so good.
Port of Savannah.
10 Sep 2018
Born as a result of an inadequate number of chassis with a deteriorating stock in the Southeast United States, the Southern States Chassis Pool may represent the model that finally solves the chassis problem in the United States.
Central Oregon Truck
07 Sep 2018
With many new technologies depending on gathering mobile data, getting drivers to buy into innovation is the key to success. And Central Oregon Truck Company offers an effective system that other trucking companies would be prudent to study.
Appalachian Regional Port.
07 Sep 2018
An axiom argues, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and there’s no better example of that than what tight North American truck capacity has prompted.
Old Dominion Freight Line.
06 Sep 2018
Shipments, tonnage rose at a higher-than-typical rate this summer, putting Old Dominion Freight Line in the catbird seat heading into the peak autumn season.
A Dicom truck.
06 Sep 2018
The split allows Wind Point to pursue additional growth in the hot US trucking market with Dicom USA, while Dicom Canada gives Royal Mail’s General Logistics Services a platform to reach customers in North America.
A truck travels in California, United States.
06 Sep 2018
Gov. Brown has until Sept. 30 to sign the legislation. The California Labor Commissioner will publish, by Jan. 1, 2019, a list of drayage companies that have failed to pay final judgments they were assessed for labor violations.
05 Sep 2018
Shippers stand to benefit in at least two ways from Amazon’s plans, based on a laser-focused customer fulfillment strategy.