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Trucking news and detailed analysis of trucking companies across the United States from trucking industry leaders like Swift Transportation and Old Dominion Freight Line to smaller regional truckers plying various cross-border and domestic routes. ranks the largest trucking companies each year and also provides rankings of the largest truckload and less-than-truckload carriers. 

News & Analysis

A truck on a US highway.
16 Feb 2018
Crunching shipper data, Zipline Logistics has found that the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is having a measurable impact on US trucker transit times and capacity.
Trucks on a US highway.
15 Feb 2018
Changing the hours-of-service rules could give US truckers more flexibility or mask shipper inefficiencies.
Port Newark Container Terminal.
15 Feb 2018
Although few details have been released, a pilot program at a marine terminal at the Port of New York and New Jersey appears to give shippers a sought-after early slot for a fee of $95 — suggesting shippers could get better service if they are willing to pay for it.
Direct ChassisLink.
15 Feb 2018
Intermodal equipment provider Direct ChassisLink Inc.’s (DCLI's) Digital DCLI initiative seeks to leverage the company’s REZ-1 technology for myriad supply chain improvements, in a three-year effort that goes far beyond basic chassis supply.
Trucks travel on a US highway during a snows storm.
14 Feb 2018
US shippers will like the additional capacity less-than-truckload (LTL) trucking companies plan to provide this year — but they will not like the LTL price increases that are sure to come. Still, the added revenue will fund much-needed investments in capital and talent.
US Department of Defense.
14 Feb 2018
The US Department of Defense contract calls for Crowley to move various types of cargo from thousands of suppliers through 41 major depots around the continental United States, including Alaska, and Canada.
Port of Oakland.
14 Feb 2018
Shippers are complaining and fearing a huge increase in US transportation costs. For those who keep informed of developments impacting this spike in prices, this should not have come as a shock. Further, the factors impacting the hikes are outside the control of the trucking industry.
A truck on a highway in Utah.
13 Feb 2018
US trucking capacity is tightening faster than anticipated in the electronic logging era, and some shippers say that is making it tougher and costlier to move freight as they navigate between higher costs and increasingly constrictive customer demands.
Demand is increasing in the US trucking sector.
12 Feb 2018
The ocean carriers’ long-standing determination to retain the business of large retailers and other large trans-Pacific importers, even if it means accepting marginally profitable or even loss making cargo, is slamming head on into the reality of the US trucking market.
The Port of Oakland.
09 Feb 2018
Harbor truckers across the United States are increasing their drayage rates for beneficial cargo owners and shipping lines, due to increased driver and staff costs, driver shortages, congested marine terminals, and the electronic logging device requirement.
Echo Global Logistics.
08 Feb 2018
As the electronic logging era begins, Echo Global Logistics warns shippers transit times are getting longer and costs are rising in shorter trucking lanes.