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Trucking news and detailed analysis of trucking companies across the United States from trucking industry leaders like Swift Transportation and Old Dominion Freight Line to smaller regional truckers plying various cross-border and domestic routes. ranks the largest trucking companies each year and also provides rankings of the largest truckload and less-than-truckload carriers. 

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Trucks travel on a US highway.
21 Sep 2018
Making distribution center space available on weekends may mean additional costs, but it also creates much needed capacity and flexibility for truck driver hours. "If you’re worried about your budget, fill your trucks better,” an e-commerce shipper said.
A truck travels in California, United States.
06 Sep 2018
Gov. Brown has until Sept. 30 to sign the legislation. The California Labor Commissioner will publish, by Jan. 1, 2019, a list of drayage companies that have failed to pay final judgments they were assessed for labor violations.
05 Sep 2018
Shippers stand to benefit in at least two ways from Amazon’s plans, based on a laser-focused customer fulfillment strategy.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
31 Aug 2018
The demand factor favors US truck companies; that said, there are substantive benefits to becoming a "shipper of choice."
Port of Itajai, Brazil.
31 Aug 2018
Decades of truck-oriented Brasilia administrations and a bias against rail created a vulnerable trade transport system. The spring truckers’ strike exposed it, and months later trade logistics has yet to recover.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
30 Aug 2018
For shippers, the pressing question is how to share this news with their C-level suite after a series of difficult conversations already this year.
Trucks at the Port of Los Angeles.
29 Aug 2018
The Yusen appointment system, developed with the cooperation of local truckers, is the type of technology that will be incorporated into the Port Optimizer tool being developed by the port and GE Transportation.
A truck travels on a road in Mexico.
28 Aug 2018
The Confederation of Industrial Chambers, which represents more than 120 chambers around Mexico, said the government should hold off enforcing the hours-of-service rules, and it cited several reasons for its request.
An assembly line in China.
27 Aug 2018
Almost all shipping industry stakeholders agree that tariffs would raise costs across the transportation landscape, and eventually slow the movement of freight. So why are some US chassis makers asking for a tariff on imported chassis?
Port of Los Angeles.
27 Aug 2018
The issue of public money for a private function was raised, but the port noted that Southern California ports have various subsidy programs in place for environmental reasons, such as to encourage carriers to plug into shoreside electrical power to reduce emissions at berth.
Union Pacific Railroad.
27 Aug 2018
The capacity challenges described here are not unique to railroad networks and terminals; they are persistent through the US supply chain. Further, while some solutions lie far in the future, there are several initiatives that could improve rail/intermodal service overnight.