TRAC Intermodal Upgrades Chassis Booking Portal with EZBook 2.0

JOC Staff | Jul 18, 2017, 9:20 AM EDT

Princeton, NJ, July 17, 2017 — TRAC Intermodal has upgraded EZBook, its web-based portal for daily chassis rentals. The new EZBook 2.0 enhancements make booking a chassis easier and faster and give the user more control over the entire transaction.

Some of the new enhancements that provides users with greater control and flexibility are:

  • Available equipment is now searchable by chassis size and geographical location;
  • A reuse feature is now available to extend an existing usage cycle;
  • Orders/bookings may now be modified or canceled;
  • An “Orders” tab is now available to show bookings history;
  • EZBook 2.0 is now optimized for use on multiple device types – e.g., smart phones, tablets, etc.

The web address for EZBook remains the same so there is no need to update the URL for your web browser. Access EZBook at For existing customers, your current log-in username and password information have not changed.

New EZBook customers must first be registered in TRAC Connect. Once registered in TRAC Connect, access EZBook at and create a username and password. Once complete, users are ready to start booking bare TRAC Intermodal chassis.

About TRAC Intermodal

TRAC Intermodal is the nation’s largest intermodal chassis pool manager and equipment supplier for domestic and international transportation companies. TRAC Intermodal's active fleet consists of over 264,000 chassis. TRAC Intermodal has a broad operating footprint with over 600 marine, 160 domestic and 60 depot locations across North America.