Denmark first to use real-time traffic data across entire road network

JOC Staff |

Denmark has become the first country in the world to rely on GPS probe data to monitor traffic and congestion on a national scale. By choosing INRIX, the leading global provider of transportation intelligence and connected car services, to provide real-time traffic information throughout the country, the Danish Road Directorate will be able to monitor traffic flow and gridlock across its entire national road network more effectively than ever before.

The Danish Road Directorate, which has more than 10 years' experience of using GPS data to monitor traffic, recognises that gathering real-time information from private and commercial vehicles is the most effective way to gain a comprehensive picture of traffic and congestion across Denmark.

In addition to more traditional traffic monitoring methods, using real-time information from connected vehicles and devices is a cost effective solution that will provide the Danish Road Directorate with an immediate view of what is happening throughout its entire national road network, improving traffic flow across more than 4,000 kilometres (almost 2,500 miles) of road. As a result, drivers will be provided with more accurate, real-time information about the most congested routes.

Director of Traffic Management at Danish Road Directorate, Charlotte Vithen, said: "By using INRIX's expertise in real-time data and through deploying this technology across our entire road network, we will be able to detect extraordinary traffic queues quicker, issue earlier warnings of congestion and improve the way we manage road incidents to achieve a smoother flow of traffic across Denmark."

Bryan Mistele, CEO, INRIX, said: "INRIX is excited by this partnership and committed to helping the Danish Road Directorate manage its national road network effectively, improve interurban mobility and provide high quality, timely information to individual travellers, cities and businesses across the country. We also see this as an opportunity to showcase best practice and how technology innovation can improve urban mobility in other countries and cities across Europe and the rest of the world."

INRIX will work with global consulting firm COWI and German traffic company TraffGo to assist the Danish Road Directorate to deliver this highly-customised transportation data service.

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About the Danish Road Directorate
The Danish Road Directorate is responsible for the state-owned roads in Denmark. We promote an integrated road and transport system. With special consideration to the environment, we are working towards a safe, secure and easy journey on the roads for people as well as for goods.

The Danish Road Directorate constructs, operates and maintains the State road network. The State road network constitutes almost 4,000 km, which represents about five percent of the entire road network in Denmark.

Though the state roads only represent around five percent of the entire road network, the importance in terms of transport and society should be underlined as approximately 45 percent of the entire road traffic in Denmark run on these roads.