ATA welcomes Emerge Diagnostics as featured product provider

ATA welcomes Emerge Diagnostics as featured product provider

Aug 21, 2015

Arlington, Va. – Today, American Trucking Associations is pleased to announce its latest ATA Featured Product provider, Emerge Diagnostics.

“Managing driver health and wellbeing is very important for efficient fleet operations,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “We are very pleased to welcome Emerge Diagnostics as our latest Featured Product provider and look forward to them helping our members maintain peak performance as they do the hard work of transporting our nation’s freight.”

“We are excited to be selected as an ATA Featured Product and to have the opportunity to participate in an organization that is helping drive success for the transportation industry. We are aligned with the ATA in helping improve outcomes for the ATA members,” said Robert Thompson, CEO of Emerge Diagnostics. "Our functional EMG technology is a game-changing diagnostic evaluation that can objectively determine pre-injury condition of a soft tissue and whether there is a change in condition after a reported injury. The EFA test enables employers and occupational health clinics to objectively diagnose and identify the location, extent, nature and age of soft tissue injuries of the back, neck, shoulders and extremities to determine if an injury is work-related and provide the most appropriate treatment for better patient care.”

Emerge Diagnostics’ Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment test is a noninvasive and non-loading diagnostic evaluation giving accurate diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries of the back, neck, shoulder, and extremities, including repetitive strain injury. The EFA-Soft Tissue Management program objectively determines pre-injury status and changes in condition after the reported injury preventing costly misdiagnoses, unnecessary or inappropriate surgeries, prolonged treatment periods, and fraudulent claims. The EFA-STM program offers better results, better outcomes and improved patient care.

To learn more about Emerge Diagnostics, visit or call 1-866-878-2597. For a complete list of ATA Featured Product providers, visit or call 866-821-3468.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Emerge Diagnostics is delivering a new way to determine the location and age of soft tissue injuries. The company’s technology provides the most comprehensive and actionable pre- and post-injury test to determine whether an injury actually occurred in the workplace. Emerge Diagnostics works with employers, occupational health clinics and insurance carriers/TPAs to deliver better patient outcomes and reduced costs. Emerge is leading the way with technological development and ongoing innovation to improve workplace injury outcomes and return-to-work times. For more information about Emerge Diagnostics, visit

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