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Trucks at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
20 Sep 2018
The Teamsters union, which pushed for the rule change, believes a large proportion of the port’s trucker owner-operators could be found to be employees under the new rule. Truckers say the impact could range from merely creating an “administrative headache," to prompting some to leave the port, and perhaps the industry.
An Amazon center.
20 Sep 2018
It’s not a matter of when to adopt new technology, but how that challenges shippers and their transport partners.
Chassis stack in the United States.
19 Sep 2018
The decision means the price of a chassis in the United States will likely rise by a substantial amount.
FMC, Rebecca Dye and Michael Khouri.
19 Sep 2018
Federal Maritime Commissioner Rebecca Dye Wednesday said her investigation into detention and demurrage will chiefly focus on developing uniform definitions and identifying the responsibilities of ocean carriers and marine terminal operators to make boxes accessible during free time.
Wilmington, North Carolina.
18 Sep 2018
The biggest disruption is for truckers traveling Interstate 95 through the Carolinas. Flooding has shut down most of I-95 in North Carolina, except for a nine-mile stretch.
A truck travels on a US highway.
18 Sep 2018
However, forecasters warn shippers that they are merely making an educated guess regarding rates, given the factors that could change; so, a sound strategy would include paying close attention to spot markets in the next six months.
Port of Los Angeles.
17 Sep 2018
As the US chassis sector evolves, no one method of operation fits all ports/regions, but one appears to offer truckers an advantage.
A truck travels in the United States.
14 Sep 2018
The smaller brokerage focusing on shipper supply chain management is GlobalTranz’s first major deal since it was sold to a new private-equity owner in June.
Hurricane Florence.
13 Sep 2018
The hurricane headed for the Carolinas as of Thursday, with the ports of Savannah and Virginia having reduced exposure.
A FedEx truck in New York, United States.
12 Sep 2018
New facilities and advanced technology paved the way for six-day operations, FedEx executive vice president Rajesh Subramaniam said Wednesday.
Trucks traveling in Florida.
11 Sep 2018
It did not take Hurricane Florence making landfall on the continental United States to have it affect freight rates.