Tideworks Technology Announces New Version of Genoa Breakbulk Management System

Tideworks Technology Announces New Version of Genoa Breakbulk Management System

SEATTLE – April 28, 2009 – Tideworks Technology®, Inc., a leading provider of full-service terminal management and planning software solutions, today announced availability of Genoa Breakbulk Management System® 5.0, a multipurpose terminal operating system. Genoa 5.0 now integrates with the Spinnaker Planning Management System®, allowing full graphical container planning for gate, yard, vessel, and intermodal operations.

The Genoa Breakbulk Management System is a suite of systems designed to support terminals that handle all cargo types including breakbulk, bulk, ro-ro, automobiles, and containers. Multipurpose terminal operators around the globe are frequently looking for solutions to efficiently manage yard and vessel operations for the containerized portion of their business. By integrating Genoa 5.0 with Tideworks’ graphical planning tool Spinnaker, users are able to get the best of both worlds by dynamically and visually planning all container-related activities to maximize terminal efficiency.

“The integration between Genoa and Spinnaker Planning Management System will benefit a variety of multipurpose terminal customers,” said Michael Schwank, president of Tideworks. “Genoa 5.0 in conjunction with Spinnaker is one of the only integrated solutions on the market that allows full graphical container planning, like the larger dedicated container terminals. This release illustrates Tideworks’ continued commitment to providing its customers with integrated solutions that increase terminal efficiency and streamline processes.”

In addition, Genoa 5.0 offers enhanced features including, advanced resource planning, berth management and enhanced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functionality.

About Genoa Breakbulk Management System
Genoa Breakbulk Management System is a suite of systems that helps terminal operators effectively manage all aspects of the multipurpose terminal business and deliver on customers’ expectations. Genoa supports terminals that handle all cargo types – break-bulk, bulk, ro-ro, automobiles, and containers – and can operate as a standalone system, in dedicated or multipurpose terminal environments. The system includes Genoa Terminal TM (multi-purpose terminal system), Genoa Storage TM (warehousing and inventory control), Genoa CFS TM (container stuffing and stripping), Genoa Cargo Planner™ (a web-based space allocation tool), and Genoa Online TM (Web portal for real-time data access and reporting).

About Tideworks Technology
Tideworks is a leading provider of cost-effective, reliable software solutions for growing terminal operations and shipping lines worldwide. The company helps more than 23,000 users at nearly 70 facilities run their operations more efficiently and profitably. From optimized equipment utilization to faster turn times, Tideworks works at every step of terminal operations to maximize productivity and customer service. For more information about Tideworks Technology, visit www.tideworks.com/ <http://www.tideworks.com/> .