Tailor-made for forwarders: FWB/ FHL Quality and FSU Performance Reports - a welcome addition to Traxon Europe's portfolio

Tailor-made for forwarders: FWB/ FHL Quality and FSU Performance Reports - a welcome addition to Traxon Europe's portfolio

Frankfurt am Main, October 29, 2009 - Unconditional trust in the quality of electronic freight processes is a key requirement if paper-based freight communication is to become a thing of the past. This is where Traxon Europe's innovative portfolio is at its most competitive. Traxon Europe is a market leader in electronic airfreight communication, offering proven products for quality measurement and assurance. The entire supply chain can benefit from Traxon products.

Now there is something new for forwarders: Traxon Quality Reports for monitoring and optimizing message performance of electronic Master Airwaybills (FWBs) and House Airwaybills (FHLs), and Traxon Performance Reports supporting evaluation of status update (FSU) sending of certain airlines.

The Traxon Quality Reports for freight forwarders stick to the structure of IATA MIP reports. In addition, they are tailored to the needs of forwarders. This new solution provides a means to measure, monitor and if necessary optimize the quality of FWB and FHL messages in particular. A further advantage is accurate information processing, ideally complementing existing IATA Performance Reports to agents based on data delivered by airlines participating in MIP. Traxon's reports offer information on a more detailed level and show even data beyond IATA recommendations.

The latest Traxon Europe FSU Performance Reports likewise serve to enhance quality assurance and improvement, allowing forwarders to accurately measure the efficiency of airlines with respect to status updates. And this, all the way down to the route and even air waybill level. Easy to implement, Traxon Europe FSU Performance Reports are particularly suited to small and middle sized forwarders. At the same time they give them a persuasive sales pitch for their own customers. Because forwarders using Traxon Europe FSU Reports can - by monitoring the FSU performance - much better provide proper FSU quality information to their shippers.

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TRAXON Europe was founded in 1991 with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. It is the world's leading provider of innovative value-added services to the airfreight industry in the field of e-communications and automation. The global network of TRAXON Europe links more than 9,000 forwarding offices with ca. 90 international airlines. This comprises about 95 percent of IATA-registered global airfreight capacity. TRAXON Europe works in close cooperation with its customers to find innovative solutions and anticipate their needs. Part of the company's philosophy is to provide success-oriented companies with value-added services, enabling them to boost their efficiency. TRAXON customers can then in turn offer improved and more cost-efficient services to their own clients. The company's turnover has steadily risen in recent years to around 10 million euros in 2008. About 148 million messages were transmitted that same year.

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