Savannah Ocean Exchange doubles prize money

Savannah Ocean Exchange doubles prize money

Savannah, Ga. – March 16, 2012 – After landing a new major sponsor, the Savannah Ocean Exchange has doubled its prize money to $200,000.

In addition to the $100,000 Gulfstream Navigator Award, the competition will now feature the $100,000 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Orcelle Award. Originally established by shipping line company Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics in 2008, WWL has chosen to partner with Savannah Ocean Exchange because of their belief in the organization’s mission and ability to reach a diverse audience of solutions creators through their international competition.

While the award funded by jet maker Gulfstream will go to environmental solutions that apply across multiple industries, the WWL Orcelle award will target solutions that make shipping and logistics more sustainable by advancing zero-emissions marine transport and technologies that are commercially viable.

“We live in a world where 90 percent of all trade travels by water, and 80 percent of all people live near water,” said Curtis Foltz, executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority. “These two statistics alone make the wise use of our natural resources a global imperative. The Savannah Ocean Exchange offers an exciting venue to disseminate powerful new environmental solutions that make good economic sense.”

Founded in 2010, the Savannah Ocean Exchange unites worldwide organizations across multiple disciplines and boundaries to accelerate the distribution and adoption of solutions that positively impact our ocean and coast. Part of that effort includes a call for entries, which are judged in competition each year.

The theme for the 2012 competition is “Leap to Zero+,” which encourages all people to generate economic growth and increased productivity while reducing, ideally to zero, the use of non-renewable resources and waste. Deadline for entry is May 1. Interested competitors may submit their actionable solutions at for preliminary review. Winners will be announced at The Savannah Ocean Solutions Exchange in Savannah on Sept. 19-22, 2012.

“This year’s theme is compelling and powerful because we are creating a new term for excellence,” said Savannah Ocean Exchange co-founder and CEO Cort Atkinson. “Our board wants to showcase solutions that move beyond ‘Sustainability,’ a word which implies that staying in place is acceptable. Therefore, we are promoting Zero+ as the new standard for organizations and communities to target.”

There are two solution submission categories. Entrants must choose to compete for monetary awards or excellence awards.

Solution creators who need financial support can submit solutions to compete to be one of the top 15 solutions selected to present and be showcased at the Solutions Exchange, where invited delegates will select the winners of the Gulfstream Navigator Award and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Orcelle Award.

Corporations and organizations that wish to showcase their best-in-class solutions can apply and compete to be one of 50 to display in our Leap to Zero+ Showcase. The top eight solutions selected by the global review panel will receive Excellence Awards and be invited to present at the Solutions Exchange.

After pre-screening, entries will go to an expert panel, which will review the applications. Finalists will present to a gathering of 350 corporate, non-profit, academic and public policy leaders at the Solutions Exchange. To learn more, visit

2011 Gulfstream Navigator Award Winning solution
In 2011, competitors from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East submitted entries. The top 10, selected by a global review panel, were invited to present at the Solutions Exchange. The winner, The Wave-Glider from Sunnyvale, CA-based Liquid Robotics, featured a revolutionary surface vehicle which uses the energy from wave motion to propel itself, thereby requiring no fossil fuel whatsoever. The Wave-Glider has been deployed on research missions exceeding well over 100,000 nautical miles since 2008.

About the Savannah Ocean Exchange

The Savannah Ocean Exchange Board of Governors includes 34 thought-leaders from around the world who represent diverse backgrounds and expertise and share a commitment to innovation and to the protection of our ocean. The Savannah Ocean Exchange is the organizer of the worldwide network of action-oriented leaders committed to the enhancement and advancement of solutions that will create new industries, jobs and recharge economies. For more information, please visit