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Regulation & Policy

The global regulatory environment surrounding international trade has never been more difficult — and risky — to manage. From international trade law to customs regulations, trade compliance has risen to the top of the priority list among global importers and exporters. In the age of free trade agreements that link different customs and cultures, the challenges will only mount in the years ahead.

News & Analysis

A container ship at sea.
16 Jul 2018
The horrific Maersk Honam fire that killed five of 27 crew members telegraphed to the shipping industry that it had not devoted enough attention to the problem of ship fires — which occur at an average of one every 60 days. Now, one carrier is hoping others follow in addressing the problem of the accurate declaration and proper stowing of goods, to improve ship safety once and for all.
Brazil truckers on strike - May and June 2018.
02 Jul 2018
Although the truck strike has ended, Brazil’s transportation bottlenecks need a bigger government and private sector fix.
Brazil truckers blockade road.
29 Jun 2018
Energy prices have risen, lowering the margins of a key supply chain performer, and that has implications for the container shipping industry.
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.
29 Jun 2018
Industry leaders generally agree that the Goods and Service Tax has tapered the cascading effect of multiple central and state levies on supply chains — and that has resulted in substantial cost and productivity benefits.
DP World Argentina Terminal.
29 Jun 2018
Shippers in Argentina, hit Friday by a one-day customs officers' strike in Buenos Aires, had breathed a momentary sigh of relief this week, after truck drivers accepted a 19 percent pay increase and did not strike.
Allcargo Group's container freight station at Chennai.
28 Jun 2018
Authorities have asked stakeholders to examine a proposed fast-track/streamlined last-mile/last touch logistics plan for inland container depots — dubbed “direct inland delivery” — which they believe will prove to be another major boon for hinterland shippers.
Swiss Federal Railways.
28 Jun 2018
Europe’s rail and truck transport systems are at a pivotal moment. The two could complement each other and help meet the likely 30 percent increase in European cargo expected by 2030. However, turf protecting could still rule the day, especially if rail views truck platooning as a threat.
John Wiehoff.
28 Jun 2018
Supply chain experts at the SM3 Connections 2018 conference are taking a focus-on-what-one-can control stance, while also counting on more-constructive policies in the years ahead that are likely to support the decades-long globalization trend.
A waste dump in Thailand.
27 Jun 2018
Thailand on July 2 will become the second country in less than a month to ban the importation of certain waste goods, as Malaysia considers similar measures, according to a published report.
A truck hauing cargo at the Port of Los Angeles.
26 Jun 2018
There are still differences of opinion among stakeholders regarding the equity of the proposed system for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
A truck travels on a US highway.
26 Jun 2018
The number of hours truckers may drive is getting more attention from Congress, but do bills calling for reform, or the overturn of the electronic logging device mandate, stand a chance this year?